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We're glad we were able to help this person obtain disability benefits. It's unfortunate that he's unhappy with the results, after the time we put into helping him and making sure he got the maximum benefits available. We do expect our clients to take a pro-active role in helping prepare their cases, but here we did have to pay an invoice to the client's doctor to obtain his medical records. We helped the client with this expense due to the financial hardship he was under at the time and later asked that he repay us. If he'd like to discuss this further, he's welcome to call us. We're very flexible in coming up with payment plans that work, as we understand the difficulty our clients are facing. In regards to his dislike of our staff asking him to provide information, there's not much we can do about this. We need regular updates from our client and the only way to find out this information is to ask. No need to get upset when we're just trying to keep your case up to date! Finally, I'm surprised that this client suggests at the end of his review that his case was only approved because of some shady, back-room deal the judge and attorney worked out. In our experience, this isn't how things work. Our belief is that benefits were approved here because the judge was convinced the client would be unable to sustain work on a full-time basis. The attorney that handled this is one of our best and always does a very professional job when in court.
Thibodaux, Louisiana

I'd look for a different disability firm to handle your cases. They did win my case,took over a year.

Did most of the leg work myself with med recs and so fourth but still billed me 250 for the same *** I sent in to them. Ain't paid it yet cause I havent got any back pay yet but they were paid their 6000.oo for doing little to nothing. Never kept the same case worker. Constently had to go over the same *** with each new one.

Would not recommend mylar to anyone.

The lawyer Cody did put effort into helping win it. Friends with the judge cause the way it went at the hearing had favors written on the walls so to speak.

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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