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We are unable to verify the authenticity of this review, but it does appear to be a client that we were able to help obtain benefits. We would encourage him to give us a call at 1-800-652-9626 to discuss these issues in detail. We're happy to help him out with what's going on, but he needs to contact us so we know who he is! In regards to the issues he addresses, we understand his frustration. However, we did not “neglect” to file anything with Social Security. Rather, Social Security inadvertently released the entirety of the client's past-due benefits to a government entity that had loaned money to the client. Social Security sometimes makes this mistake (about 2% of the time in our experience). Once they have released the money and realize they shouldn't have, they usually inform the client that the attorney still needs to be paid (which it appears they did here). We're always very happy to set up payment plans to help our clients out, as we know that paying the full amount all at once is often impossible. Here, my guess is that this client never called to discuss this with us. Rather, he calls us “greedy” because Social Security has informed him that he still owes us money (which, by the way, in a case like this the fee we receive rarely covers the expenses of helping the client; most of these SSI claims require quite a bit of pro bono work on our part). We would encourage him to give us a call at 1-800-652-9626. We'll figure out something that works for him and helps us cover some of our expenses.
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The fee agreement is for myler disability to receive a percentage of my "back payments" if we won case. We won and my back payments were around 4,500.

of which myler disability share was 1,500.However since someone in their office was incompetant and forgot to file with social security for their fee...the social security administration confiscated/used my ENTIRE back payments to pay HRA, repay HRA monies that it gave to me in supportive services,as is their policy. When I contacted SSA about lawyers fee, they said the normal proceedure for packpayments is: to pay attorneys,then HRA,then whoever else is owed the client gets what remains. However since the lawyers neglected to file with SSA for payment they paid the entire backpayments to HRA. The rub is that because someone at myler messed up, they want to push up on my monthly stipend of 733.00 .

first of all i rent a room in a no cooking buiding for 405.00 ,my carefare expenses are 100.00, my phone & laundry are 100.00, and I got around 100 left to live on for the month; eating out,toiletries,any clothes i buy, etc.I mean I cannot live on 733.00 a month, all i think about all the time is money, *** i cant even afford to buy a book,mag,or paper.ive been using same paper cup to make coffee in cause i cant afford to the $2.00 to buy a real cup.i cut back on visits to my physical therapist cause thats 5.50 per visit. Life sucks and so do greedy lawyers

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I to am worried its been almost 3 yrs and see no progress myler says i have to wait on ss another 18 months i cant work had pace maker put in me then after had 4 strokes myler has all info needed but nothing soon ill be homeless i also know of a few people who got a different firm and a year later they were set what should i do email me pls