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We'd encourage this person to give us a call so that we can discuss her concerns in detail. This is an anonymous review, so its authenticity cannot be verified. It appears, though, that we were able to help get this person approved for SSI benefits. It's likely she didn't qualify for SSDI benefits because she had not worked enough in the past to be “insured” for that type of claim. (Again, because it's an anonymous review, we can't verify any of the details). Also, if she wasn't given anything in past-due benefits due to her husband's income, Myler Disability wasn't paid, either. There's a good chance that there's another side to this story that includes a client not disclosing all of the necessary financial information to our office or to Social Security. We'd love to discuss this further and find out what can be done. Give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.

I'm. So *** off Never go to myler.


4 people on been on my case,everytime i talk to somebody they lose,they i dont know what im talking about...i have a health issues,cant nobody help..getting most of my papers i want them to close my case..ooh if you get another lawyer..we still get apart of it if you win your case..*** sick really. And feel like they not helping me...that's a rip so *** off...i feel they can help more .now since i want my case everybody call me,i call all the *** time no answer..full *** they dont care all about taken your money..its sad..

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Maybe if you had learned proper grammar and how to speak proper English, you wouldn't sound like such a retard to them and then maybe they could help you.

to Anonymous #886173

Hay no need to call anyone names this man is expressing his feelings the best way possible. Communication could just be one of the many reasons why he filed for disability.

People can actually become a victim of someone or any company inadvertent-malfeasance. Now go look that up and communicate.

Not unless those awful remarks could possibly be coming from a lawyer. Then I would expect for you to articulate in a educated


Dunnellon, Florida, United States #849149

I asked myler to look in to getting me short term disability about a month ago and haven't heard the first word back from them.