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We appreciate your kind words and are glad we were able to help you in this disability process! We're grateful for clients like you who have worked hard until no longer being able to. It's a pleasure being able to help you through this difficult time in your life. We wish you all the best!
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I signed up for these Lawyers in November of last year. Even though I know it takes a while to get this type of case done for physical disability. They have been great. Always are keeping in touch with me. Make me feel highly important. And that my case matters to them.

Because I have an extreme physical disability that is almost my entire spine. And also my right knee. It takes time for especially these ordeals to get squared out.

In the event you are filing for a mental disability it takes a shorter amount of time and less hassle to receive those benefits.

I know its gonna take a long time to battle to get my disability benefits that i deserve. I am 35 yo. and miss work. Ive been working since i was early teens. And its something i had instilled in me at a very young age. I'm not lazy nor did i ever want to take from the citizens who pay into SS. I am thankful that they have, and i have also payed in for many years. I've heard a lot of hype about ppl screwing the system, or living off of it because they're lazy. And some of us that's not the case at all. Our bodies or minds have just become too overwhelming for us to manage a normal life. Myler has made me feel like a real person. And that is why i am giving my review. Those ppl who keep reporting that they're a scam. Were obviously denied and had no case to run on. And out of spite. Reviewed with a negative report. If that's not the case. Than give more of a good reason other than being pissed they asked for your DOB. cuz that's what they have to do. If they didn't they wouldn't be a real business. And in the event you feel you have been judged for age, race, creed etc. don't review it here. Report your local SS office for the denial of your case. Because it wasn't the lawyers who did it. It was you local SS office who did. It takes equal work. your side and theirs to get your disability rolling. if its that important to you. you would have done all it took to continue to fight for what you deserve to survive. That's just common knowledge. I am glad that i found these lawyers. I had no other avenues. Because of the city i live in. We are surrounded by pretty bad lawyers for this kinda issue. I looked all over the internet for Lawyers that would fight with all they had to help me. And i found them.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Myler Disability Pros: Support, Detailed information.

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Iselin, New Jersey, United States #1010405

I have a severe mental illness and I have been waiting for 3 years! I do NOR see where you can honestly say that mental disabilities don't take as long as physical ones.

I had to go for a hearing where I was told that the judge approved me for disability, I haven't heard anything since and that was nearly 2 months ago. I have been the one that has had to contact myler and was told today there's nothing else they will do for me.

But they are still expecting their m9ney! What a j0ke!!!

to ScaredSchizo #1010888

Despite what I think. I have personally seen many in this town receive instant disability because of mental illnesses.

And this was where my opinion came from. If that offended you. I apologize. Deal with your case.

If myler couldn't help you even after the judge approved you. Than why haven't you received your benefits. There is something wrong with your case or the situation.

If I were you.

Call your local SS office.

I don't understand why you haven't called the SS office?

You cannot fully blame Myler. And if its extremely important to you. Than you would have made the move to find out what or why this happened. Instead you are here on a pissed off consumer thread venting your disdain.

I also have a mental disability.

But I have it under control with myself with out medication.

But, I would rather receive my disability for why i am disabled. Which i have spent 10 yrs fighting to live a normal life and trying my damnedest to just pay my own way. I finally had no choice. And I haven't had any issues with them calling me and updating my case.

If that Judge said you are disabled. Go get a print out of that paper the judge wrote this down on. And hand it into the local SS office. I don't understand why you have not received your benefits.

If the judge said you were disabled. You would already had been getting a check. So look into your case on your own. It might be just the best thing you could do.

Mental illnesses. Do get handled faster physical. I have seen this *** first hand. I had a friend while laying in a hospital bed after surgery and kemo from cancer get denied disability.

What we have to do is keep fighting every single denial. And yes. It can take years. If your case is legit.

Than you have missed something in your case. And instead of spending time on here complaining. You should be on the phone with whomever it takes to get that check for you. Myler is going to charge you for the work they've done.

That's just life. Is there a reason they wont cont. to help you? A behavior that you gave, an issues that they were bothered by?

You will never get anywhere unless you take the steps to find out why your case is on hold. I know it could take me years to get mine. But whenever i speak with myler or they send me mail to sign and send back. I do not delay and i am more than polite with whomever i speak to.

There is not one reason why i should be impatient to someone. The way you have came off at me. Makes me believe that you haven't been very kind or nice to anyone handling your case. You cannot sit here tearing me apart.

And think that your check will just come to you. If you want it and its already been officially approved by a judge. Then you haven't done what you need to do to start the monthly pay. Myler only wants 25% Do the math.

Its not that much. Some of the lawyers where i'm at want literally 60 %. I refuse to ever use one of those lawyers. And Myler is one out of a small amount that charge that low of a rate.

And if you don't pay that rate. Than they wont handle your case. It will be taken out of the first check you get. Or they can find a payment agreement on each check every month.

Before flipping out on me for what i have seen happen first hand. Make the effort to at least find out why you haven't received that check yet! Best of luck. And i hope you find out what happened and that you receive that check you deserve.

ps: maybe find yourself another lawyer. deal is tho. you have been approved. So something went wrong in your paperwork.

And you may need to find out what it was. Chow


I too had no issues and they helped me win my case..

I have noticed allot of complaints about the time frame, it takes time people blame ss not the lawyer... I filed in Oct 2013 and finally had my hearing July 2015 and won..

They did not scam me and they were with me from day one...

to Anonymous #1010893

Its absolutely a double edged sword. And if you dont put in 100/100% effort between both parties.

Nothing will ever come of it.

I know it will take a while. I stepped into this knowing.

I have just sent them all my MRI results and medical papers.

And its going to cost either disability or myself 200 dollars for that information to b sent to myler.

Its hard. I know it is.

The comment above yours is what you said. Hes blaming Myler instead of Blaming SS. Which im sure he would get an answer that makes sense to him if he would call the ss office. But instead he is going off about myler.

There is always going to be ppl who are offended by wtv.

Me, I try to see the brighter side of things. The guy above said the Judge approved his disability. But he still blames Myler. His real problem is his SS office.

Until he calls them and finds out why and what has gone wrong. Than he will never receive that check. Coming on here and lashing wont help either. I know it takes time.

I've met plenty who have told me their horror stories. And some i have seen get a check instantly. And those who got that check instantly were under mental disability. Thats where my opinion about that issue came from.

still i have kept in touch, they've kept in touch, ss wont call you unless its to get your work history. So you have to call them. Its hard. But yes, Myler has been wonderful to me.

And they have one of the lowest rates i have ever seen in disability lawyers. So i was very pleased to find that out.