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We understand that you are upset that it is taking the judge so long to issue a decision on your case. Unfortunately, there's little, if anything, that can be done to make the government do their jobs faster. In your case, the judge ordered a post-hearing consultative examination so that he could have your pulmonary function testing further evaluated. Those results came back in February and the judge has since decided that he would like a medical expert to review these via interrogatories. Once the judge has received a written response from the doctor Social Security chooses, he will proffer the response to us and we'll submit a reply. At that point, the judge can either issue a decision on the case or schedule a supplemental hearing.

We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a decision. However, please understand that we have no control over how fast Social Security takes to review your case.

We apologize for the difficulty we've had in keeping in contact with you via telephone. You have given us quite a few phone numbers to try, but rarely do your numbers work. Even with this online review, you provided yet another number we had not been made aware of. You're always welcome to email us or call us on our toll-free number: 1-800-652-9626. We will continue to try keeping you informed on any information we hear from Social Security.
Kansas City, Missouri

Well it took forever to get my court date I did not meet anybody or talk to anybody on the phone before my court datethen when we get to court it was all routine Harmony between the judge and the pretend lawyer. And even knowing that they have given me no information gave me the wrong information and made me wait for information for weeks they still tried to charge me for services I could have done for free knowing that I cannot work and struggling to make ends meet they send me these bills for services that they didn't even render.

The three charges were from three different medical centers for my medical records. I was recently in the hospital with this information and when it came time for me to be able to talk again I asked Salina regional if they would let me have my medical records and how much would it cost Salina regional doctors and nurses both told me that would not cost any more than the paper to print it out on not only that personal medical records can be found on websites at the health clinics hospitals and doctors offices Nationwide. it in other words I could have given them medical records for free why can't they just wait for me to get my disability check and then take the money out would make more sense. Then the lady who I seen one time and talked to on the phone one time told me that the decision will be made sometime in March after going to court in January,however when I inquired in March to find out what was going on remind you I have not heard from them since then a representative of matter told me it would be another two to six more months and once again sent me another bill for her services I could have rendered for free.

And they keep blaming these problems on me the first part of this list would be that they always lose my phone number I've had the same phone number and same phone and same service for the last 6 years and I've given them the same information for times each time they say well we didn't have it on record I know they did I have proof of my phone. One day in the mail, sadly, I received a review and a survey of how good are we doing at myler for you. Needless to say I gave them a really bad review I have no idea when this same case is going to end I have no idea how much money I'll be getting if I do and really I am totally uninformed by this company. At the end of this surveying they asked me if I would send them phone numbers and information on my friends and family who may need services from them and of course I told them *** no.

I applied for disability over a year ago I'm still waiting I've seen one charge one time at 1 court date and I still know just as much as I did nine and a half to 10 months ago myler disability you guys suck and anybody who's reading this review please don't let anybody be even considering to be represented by myler disability it would be a very bad mistake.

I'm going to write my Governor a letter next find out what kind of business this really is and what he may be able to do not only for me but for everybody else. If Brad myler was still alive today he would fire everybody.

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