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We suppose this review was written by a former employee who is now one of our competitors. We disagree with the accusations he's making and are proud of our employees. We try very hard to help our clients in what is often a very thankless job and we have a proven record of being very good at what we do. We spend a significant part of each week training our employees on how to better serve our clients and how to work better as a team. We constantly look for ways to improve and the longer we do this, the better we get. If any of our employees have questions or concerns about any aspect of their job, Human Resources always has an open door and will help in any way they can. While from time to time we may have a dissatisfied employee, we're confident that most of our employees take pride in their job and find great satisfaction serving our amazing clients.

I actually was employed for Myler Disability and this company is definitely crooked. They didn't even start doing background checks on employees until May of this year (2013).

Very scary considering the employees have access to EVERY SINGLE client's personal information and file, including SSN, home address, full name, mother's maiden name, etc. Case managers get paid EXTRA MONEY just for doing other people's work for them. None of these employees are adequately trained or educated. The majority of them are only high school graduates that don't want to go to college and this joke a business will hire them to work full time, because that's about all the work they can get.

Each case manager has between 500-700 clients each so they are extremely impersonal and never get to know one single client. They are told to keep the conversation as short and to the point as possible. They don't care about helping clients, they care about getting their monthly bonus for hitting all their goals and getting all their work done quickly so they can do other people's for extra money.

Don't waste your time with this company they will spout off a list of what they are doing for you but in reality they maybe deal with your case once a month when they call to follow up on what they call "medical forms" that are required by your doctor. Such a disappointing experience working for a company that claims to advocate disability victims.

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Thanks for the write up. It's appreciated. I was scammed by the guys and lost my SSI case.


I worked there also, and this is exactly right. They are always hiring, and have a huge turnover rate, along with the pressure of getting your certain time, and the goals.

Not a very fun place to work, and more stressful. Basically the call center is the worst part, and you are stuck there for a long time.