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This comment is not from an actual client of Myler Disability and is merely the opinion of the author. At Myler, we have attorneys and staff of all political ideologies. However, in our experience, only those who truly believe in helping the poor and disabled end up staying in this practice long term. We've been doing this for many, many years, so you can guess where we stand on the political spectrum.
Urbana, Illinois

I was contacted by Myler, to represent me with my S.S.D. claim however, after speaking with them directly & asking pointed question I realize I was talking to Mitt Romney, while claiming to be advocates for the poor & disadvantage they in actuality believe S.S.I. is an entitlement subject to they are willing to assist you only because they get paid...not because they feel you earned it or are deserving...If a company in there heart don't believe you deserve their help then the assistance you receive will be sub par at best...

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