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While this client was unhappy with how her hearing went, there's little that our attorney could have done to stop the judge from conducting the hearing in the way he saw fit. The judge had a number of questions that he wanted answered and even though our client had a hard time responding to these questions, they needed to be answered. Fortunately, her case was approved. It's very likely that the difficulty she experienced helped show the judge that she was unable to sustain full time work. Here at Myler Disability, we try hard to prepare our clients for their disability hearing and we stand by their side throughout the entire process.
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I hired Myler in 2011 to try to help me get approved for disability due to mental health issues. After we finally get to court in 2014, the judge proceeded to yell at me through the entire session, treating me like a criminal and Myler's attorney did nothing to stop it.

I had to answer rapid fire questioning under so much duress I was literally sobbing in the court room and could not think clearly at all. The attorney sat by and allowed this to continue. Did I get a fair hearing? NO.

Myler's attorney did nothing but sit there. I would have had the SAME outcome WITHOUT Myler. I didn't get proper representation.

I didn't have someone to speak on my behalf, no advocate. I had a lump with a briefcase.

Review about: Myler Disability Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

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haha!! You are a fraud!

Grow a pair and quit trying to blame your problems on everyone else! So what that the judge yelled at you!!! Do you think the lawyer can actually stop that from happening? You're right in that you would have been yelled at with our without a lawyer there.

But how is that his/her fault?

I have heard about this company and was doing a little research about them. After reading some of these comments, I'm convinced that most of you are whiny people who probably aren't disabled. You are what is wrong with the system.

There are hundreds of thousands of people applying for benefits every year that probably aren't deserving of them. When they lose, they want to blame anyone but themselves.

I wasn't going to hire these guys, but maybe I will now. The bad complaints seem to be baseless and the positive reviews seem to be sincere.

I'm sure I'll have hiccups with them from time to time if this process takes as long as everyone says it does. But that's what happens when you work with someone weekly for 2 years.

Maybe I'll win my case, and maybe I won't. I have supportive doctors (I think) and if I have a representative that is experienced with doing this stuff, I think my chances are pretty good.

to Anonymous Nixa, Missouri, United States #946699

I hope you lose your case. there are some people out their that works all their lives.sometimes up to 3 jobs at a time .then all of a sudden bam.your file and bam.they turn you down. there is some of us out there that has earn this.but has to fight for it.then I hired these people.i have had to do all my paper work myself they have done very little to help me.

to Anonymous #1083017

I now have hired Myler for my disability claim. Im not happy with some of the comments either about them I feel the same way you and some others feel, people lost their cases and now they want to blame someone else.

You suppose to do your own paperwork, you no more about your situation then Myler does. I'm go to stick with them for myself and see what happens.

I no it could be a long battle, I'll see it through to the end, and start over if I have to. Thanks for your post.


I am a 30 year old female. I have Refractory (drug resistant) Epilepsy and I require brain surgery and a service dog.

I am grossly disappointed with Myler Disability and I do not recommend the to represent you. They did not advocate on myself and seemingly know nothing about Disability. My case work was excellent at paper work, but my lawyer was a complete flop. My Social Security case was completely mishandled.

Not only by Myler but the entire system.

I had to get my Congressman involved because I found the actions of the ALJ to me questionable and unethical. My lawyer told me not to involve my Congressman when my first third hearing was cancelled.

Who is the mystical magical Brad Myler?

Has anybody ever spoken to him? If you are truly disabled you are just going to have to advocate for your self. Learn about the PASS program and tax deductions. It's a complicated system, but if you spend the time researching S.S and put Myler in their place you might get somewhere.

My second third hearing is in 2015.

I have a new Judge and a new Lawyer from Myler and I am prepared for any question about anything. I refuse to be a victim.

Only I can keep my head above water.

Wish me luck because only I can make my own path.

-- Sophie Lily Weinstein 201-563-8364