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While I'm unable to verify if this comment was made by a current or former client, I can be sympathetic of his frustrations. It appears he has been denied benefits, even though he feels he cannot work because of his bipolar disorder. It's easy to see that Social Security isn't a perfect program and sometimes people who should qualify for benefits are turned down. Other times, a person's medical records may not quite match up with how their day to day symptoms are truly impacting them, making it difficult for Social Security to justify approving the case. We can't guarantee that every case can be one can. But if there is a valid legal argument to be made on your case, you can bet we're going to be there, right by your side, arguing with Social Security on why you should be approved for benefits.
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OK i chose this company because i thought they can get me approve ... i have bipolar 1 and i was turned down at my first hearing.

but i dont understand i all-ways kept a job until i had a manic episode at see the judge told me i can get it so why he didn't... approve me...the government need to Change this ...they change everything else its not right if i had money billed up in the system they should give it to me..

now this company i was reffed to them so people get approve some dont....its not right i have money billed up in the system that belong to me.. they should give it to me...

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They done me great back in 2013 and my wife and son back in 2010 we all got it fairly soon I think