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I had the opportunity today to speak with this gentlemen and discuss his complaints with our office. He was experiencing some confusion in regards to the communication with our office. We've had regular phone conversations with him and each time we've taken any action on his case (including the appeal he discusses in his complaint), we've both called him and send a confirmation email summarizing the phone conversation and outlining the action we're taking on his case. Interestingly, the appeal he says we never informed him about was completed and submitted while he was on the phone with our staff. Ten minutes later, we sent him a confirmation email regarding the filing of the appeal and what further actions we needed him to take to help strengthen his case.

Recently, after reviewing the medical records that he sent us (which we did NOT lose) and the medical reports that just became available to us from Social Security (based on examinations some of their doctors completed on him), we determined there was probably not enough evidence for him to be successful in his case. We've talked to this client about our concerns with his medical records and the lack of support from his own doctors. He knows that if he starts seeing new doctors, and if any of his doctors are supportive of him applying for disability, we'd be happy to look at his claim again and try helping him.

This gentleman has my direct phone number and can call me in the future to discuss his medical records. We'd be very interested in helping him again if his medical conditions worsen and his doctors become supportive of his pursuit of benefits.
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Got a letter yesterday that they are withdrawing from my case and that I wouldn't be charged for services,my question is how could you charge me and you all didn't do anything.No request for medical record no nothing. The medical records I had I sent to them and they lost them.Very unprofessional,i got turned down and didn't find out till I was in the 4th month of the appeal process,and the only I found out is because I called them.Now 6 months into the appeal process they withdraw.The letter stating that was the first time id heard from them in a year without me having to call them.They probably take on every case they discover and are over loaded if you don't contact them you wont hear from em,and the person assigned to your case everytime you call I guarantee it goes to voice mail.I got a new case worker that I had to call just to find that out,and she withdrew from my case so the firm doesn't represent me any more a whole year of waiting for nothing.

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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