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We are unable to verify the authenticity of this review. If what is written here is true, we would encourage this client to give us a call to discuss this matter in more detail. If we withdrew from this claim, it would have been because either additional evidence came in that did not support the client's allegations of disability, or there was not sufficient evidence to overcome the findings that Social Security made on this claim. If this person is upset that we are asking to be reimbursed for the medical record bills that we paid on his/her behalf, please remember that we're only asking to be paid for what we had to pay to your doctors to provide the medical records in question. Remember, at Myler Disability we only get paid if you win, so we have no motivation to do anything other than try to find a way to help you obtain benefits. If you have questions about your claim, you can call us at 1-800-652-9626.
Provo, Utah
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Did five appeals, which they kept telling me I had a great case and we can appeal based on my PTSD, brain injuries, multiple physical problems. Now they dropped ME saying there is no more use to fight and SSDI won't even hear my case again saying that Myler did not provide any updated information for any appeals.

Now they are demanding money for records that did no good at all. I don't have any income or possibility of working. Myler is actually worse than the VA!! DO NOT HIRE MYLER DISABILITY - they waste your life.

Seven years shot to ***!!! Thanks to them for wasting my life and to the judge who was more interested in his Ranger buddy than my case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Social Security Disability Legal Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What do you mean they "wasted your life?" What would have you spent the last few years doing? Working?

If so, you're a *** fraud and shouldn't be applying for benefits.