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It was difficult at times to maintain contact with this client and also difficult to help her understand what was happening with her claim. Her file was being handled by an out-of-state judge and the hearing was to be conducted via video. (We usually discourage our clients from opting for a video hearing because it seems most of the judges don't pay close attention during video hearings; here, however, the client had requested it). Because of the client's confusion, and because she had not been returning our phone calls, she called the wrong Social Security office prior to her hearing and became upset when they told her that the case was being handled by a judge in an office out-of-state. This lead to her hearing being postponed and rescheduled. Fortunately, this was something we were able to sort out and her hearing was eventually held.
Corpus Christi, Texas

I live in corpus christi tx . I hired myler disability and have got the rn around the lady told me to be in court I never reseved any papers .

the lawer never call three days prier to the court date and the day oof the court I was trying to find out were to go .called the S.S. office and they dont have a claim. Then I finaly got a hold of the lady and she said it was in another state.I cant make it in three hours in another state. Now I got a new lady kathy that was rudy that it was my foult .

that I have to pay the money to drive another state to see a judge. I dont hve money to drive to another state or car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Myler Disability Pros: Detailed information.

Myler Disability Cons: Service.

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