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We would encourage any of our clients who have concerns or questions about their case to give us a call. We're happy to discuss things with you. Remember, we only get paid if your case is approved, so our #1 goal is to help you get benefits. Having regular communication with our clients is a critical part of this, and if for any reason you're not happy with one of our employees, please let us know.
Weaverville, North Carolina

After months of not hearing from Myler Disability concerning my SSD request, and not hearing from them despite calling them numerous times-even after telling LACY BIRCH they could at least stay in contact with us-it is still the same old thing with MYLER DISABILITY. Contract or NOT-they have Failed to provide as an Attorney Should, and their "service" is Horrendous!

They need to Remember that a contract doesn't mean people Have to tolerate their Dis-Service. If you dont do your JOB-the one youre PAID to so-you CAN be Fired!

LACY BIRCH wouldnt even provide the name or number of her BOSS so that we could tell them she has been so cavalier and incompetent! Someone needs to do something about her-those of us seeking SSI/SSD cannot afford to be Ignored as we Suffer!

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We all need to sue myler, that is the only way to teach him ! Also report him to the Attorney Bar Association and more....he / his office did me wrong to, a week before my ssdi hearing he dropped my case after one year !

Because he felt I had no case and he would not make any $$$$ of my case! I pursued my own case and won !