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Albuquerque, New Mexico

I had the same problem with Brad Myler. They declined waiver fees.

I found a way around them. Contact your local Social Security Office (Disability dept) Tell them you are having problems with the waiver fees and Brad Myler. Ask them if you can file a "right to withdraw representation letter". I am not sure if all states allow this.

But if they do. Just ask them how to do this. Once you do this, verify it has been scanned into their system. You can get a new attorney this way.

But you have a short time to do this! You will also need to let your new attorney know and send them a copy of this letter. Also one needs to go to Brad Myler but I would wait till you get the rest of them sent and verified first. This only allows you to get a new attorney.

It is up to the hearing judge if how much he will allow in fees to be paid to Brad Myler. Hope this helps everyone who is having this issue. I was waiting for 2 years.

By the way, this is standard wait time in most cases, but Brad Myler drags it out so they get more money from all that back pay you are getting from waiting each month. Sad but true....

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Seattle, Washington, United States #807892

I am currently through myler disability I have already seen a judge and iam waiting for a response almost 4 months later. I have contacted them but they never return my calls or emails.

And to top it off my lawyer was running late when I had to see the judge. I am begining to think they are a joke.

to Anonymous #816653

Your response comes from SS no Brad Myler.

Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States #731459

Im nervous because i asked to withdraw my case and their saying they can charge me is that even possible if they havent even won my case