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Myler Disability - Review in Lawyers category from Los Angeles, California

We appreciate the kind words from this client and we're glad that we were able to help him get benefits. We work hard for our clients and feel like we offer a service that is second to no one! If we can help you with your disability claim, call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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Ok LOOK i was on here before saying i would update on my hearing i had and guess what i was FULLY FAVORABLE its called FACTS ladies & gentlemen if you have them you have a case if not dont waist peoples time on acting childish and posting ignorant stuff.. Thats all i have to say Thank You Myler.

Susan Fox and Casey you guys were awsome. Shaye :)

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Myler Disability - Attorney Review from Los Angeles, California

Thank you for your kind words and for allowing us to help you throughout the disability process.
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Good quality

I go for my court date July 28th i been with myler for 2yrs they have been nothing but great to me i have nothing bad to say about them but thank you! I will keep you posted if i won my attorney from myler has high hopes for me .

i suffer from extreme P.T.S.D other mental ect. and back injury .

my name is Shaye Nunez and i just want to say thank you Myler Disability for helping me do what i couldn't and get this far!! People dont believe the bad rumors just dont..

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Myler Disability - Review from Los Angeles, California

It does not appear that this online comment was made by an actual client of ours. However, for everyone's information, the fee agreement that Myler Disability uses is the standard fee agreement approved by Social Security. To our knowledge, every single attorney in the country uses the same standard fee agreement. If you have questions about how our contingency fee agreement works, please give us at a call at 1-800-652-9626. We don't get paid unless you win, so give us a call today.
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Pricing issue

I have been dealing with Myler about 1 year. I talk to a local attroney, He said he knows about Myler.

And will not recommend tbe to any body. When ever I get ahold of some body from Myler. I am dropping them. Attroney I am seeking is asking 15%.

I suggest to go your local

Attroney. But each one charge differently. At least some body to talk to when needed.

Instead pf playing games with Myler.

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I need help I jus found out that I have a kife Long disease and really need to start lookibg dor a new attourney due to the comments that I hve read today if anyone cab helo me my email adress is please helo I have hired these people and I should have gotten more information on the firm first

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Myler Disability - MYLER's Disability Decietful, misleading and representative misconduct.

We just became aware of this review and are unsure of what this person is referring to. We're happy to address any concerns, though. We just need this person to give us a call. We'd encourage any of our clients to call us with their questions or concerns. We're happy to listen and help you in any way we can with your disability claim. We've successfully represented tens of thousands of clients and helped them obtain their benefits. We've been doing this a long time and we're good at what we do. Give us a call, whether you're already a client and need to be reassured about how your case is going, or you have questions or concerns about your case. We can be reached at 1-800-652-9626.
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Unable to perform legal services completely. Presented verbal format which was deceptive and false.

Failed to communicate, failed to return phone calls, rudeness, Abandoning client after hearing, refusing to answer questions, failed to maintain client/attorney trust, advised and directly indicated that caused my witness to become unavailable, used intimidation to coerce me into signing another fee agreement and other forms twice...without informing me of the matter. What else can I say? What a waist of 2 1/2 years...oh yes, and withdrawing themselves from my case only after my disability hearing...only after their website promises that Mylers doesn't give up that they will file a appeals with the appeals council on your behalf..yea, right.

SURE they do.


i am so glad i reviewed these complaints because i was waiting on papers n the mail to sign with mylers so i know not to go with them an find someone else to help me with my disability claim thank you.


No one made or coerced you into signing anything, that was your choice, no one makes you sign, you must read and if inagreement, say NO.


I have become a victim of a cruel and unusual harassments and threats. I am literally afraid for my life and friends and family I desperately need help for finding the right help because my civil rights have been tampered with emails, bank accounts, and mail have been hacked and stolen redirected they have been taking advantage of mentally disabled persons they brad myler or I think Joshua shipley need to be arrested .

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