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We're unable to verify the authenticity of this review, but it appears that this person is unhappy after we were able to get his/her case approved. We would encourage this person to give us a call to discuss this matter further. We're happy to listen and if there's anything we received in legal fees that we weren't entitled to under our fee agreement, we're happy to issue a refund. Be aware that every single dollar that Myler Disability receives in legal fees must first be approved by the Social Security Administration. We're not looking to take advantage of anyone, but rather we're trying our hardest to help make people's lives better. While it's often a thankless job, we're dedicated to helping our clients when they need us the most. Call us if you have any questions: 1-800-652-9626.
Atlanta, Georgia

Myler disability advocates really?? Our government should ban people like this!

I as a totally disabled person, will gladly help, for no charge, any legitimate claiment. STOP the bottom feaders from further ruining peoples lives!!! They have no more interest in helping anyone than??? Really?

They do nothing but wait for their pre-approved 6000.00 dollars. While their clients become homeless and in financial ruin! Really. What a great America!

Pay the bottom feeders . What's up? I need the

6000.00 they stole for their services. Oh, that's right, NO services.

Please, pay me what I have paid into for 35 years. I need it!

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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All attorneys, get 25%......of back pay.

to mern Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #823310

And some get 33% which I don't mind if they earn it....

to mern Morgan City, Louisiana, United States #1048554

Seems your trolling the *** out of these comments. Why?

What intrest do u have in convincing people that myler is good with so much negative feed back? U should shut the *** up