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We would encourage this person to contact our office to discuss this matter. While this review is anonymous and we're unable to verify its authenticity, we want to make it abundantly clear to everyone that Myler Disability does not receive a single dollar in legal fees that has not first been approved by the Social Security Administration. At no time have we ever been charged with embezzlement or fraud and such accusations are baseless. Here, it appears that we helped this person win benefits. When Social Security paid us our fee, this client complained and thought we shouldn't be paid for the work we did. If this is truly the case, we're happy to talk to him and discuss this matter in detail. We don't think we should get money for work we didn't do, but we also don't want to be taken advantage of by people bringing false, frivolous claims against us. We have successfully helped tens of thousands of clients obtain disability benefits and nearly all of these clients have been very happy with the job we've done. We find it unfortunate when an occasional client has bad things to say and sincerely would like to talk to this person to see if their concerns can be resolved. We can be reached at 1-800-652-9626.
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"RED ALERT "10/23/2015

Anyone thinking of using Myler law firm be advised.

They have the rudest people working for them.

I got SSI and they got the 25% of my back pay.

I verified it with the social security administration that they had been paid in full.

They sent me a letter and are now saying I owe them $1499.00 more.

I had a supervisor from SSA call me today and told me this is illegal and they are moving forward in having this firm brought up on embezzlement and fraud charges.

This action will result in Myler not being able to file any Social Security Disability Applications ever again.

As a note as to what I think they are up to.

$1499.00 is just under the $1500.00 that can be filed in small claims court.

I live in Kentucky and they are in Utah and know there is no way I could afford to show up in court.

The judge would give them a judgment on that alone and I would be responsible for that $1499.00 and the court cost.

If you or anyone you know is being represented by Myler please fire them ASAP and find a good honest law firm.


We charge nothing up front. Our fees are contingent upon your winning, and we collect 25% of only your back benefits. Our fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration

I didn't like: Fat girls eatting while talking on the phone.

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I read this and. I agree what a rip. Off company....scam do use them!!!!


The client only pays if approved for benefits ("contingency fee").25% of the back pay benefits, up to a maximum of $6,000.

Out-of-pocket expenses such as medical record copy fees, transportation, etc.

Are you sure the additional bill wasn't for the out of pocket expenses? They have my case now and when I tried to bail out on them they told me I would have to pay them all of the out of pocket expenses first, otherwise going to another lawyer would be a violation of my contract.

So now I am stuck and if they are sued and such down I am really in trouble!

to Anonymous #1061645

people must understand there are a lot of hoops they jump through. I was really frustrated in the beginning and also wanted to give up.

Well the attorney and I saw the ADJ on Oct 2nd and got my first deposit to my account yesterday 11/9/2015.

It takes two to three years and I'm pleased, the only other option is to pay up front for all expenses and if you do not qualify there is no refund.