Myler Disability - Great job

I applied for disability and was turned to Myler and I am so pleased and grateful,they were great and got me benefits within a year ! I would recommend Myler Disability to anyone that needs help with caring service. Thank you Myler Disability!!
I liked
  • Did a great job for me
  • Caring and thorough
  • Won my case

Myler Disability - Better than people caring people

Hasnt been decided yet but win lose or draw id highly recomend this crew to my closest friends and all my family.why? Simple they gave good info followed through on drs appt. Even called and got appt. more suitable to me.

Myler Disability - Social security benefits

I have no complaints thought they did a great job representing and have no idea how I ended up receiving pissed consumers because that is the farthest thing from how I feel very happy wit myler
I was living in North Dakota when I used Myler Disability to help me with disability. They stayed in contact with me, even when I drugged my feet. Finally, I was on my way and Myler led me all the way. I was surprised when I learned I had gotten the disability I...
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Myler Disability - Everything was great.

No problems service was great no

Myler Disability - Won the case.

Not the decision I wanted but works. Not the attorneys problem what the judge does. As for customer service. I have no problem. Read a lot of negative reviews. Well all I have to say is. Mylar Disability has no control or answers what the S.S.A. does. .

Myler Disability in San Bernardino, California - Love my Attorney!

My Attorney Susan Fox went above and beyond for my case and fought with me from the heart. I've just recived my fully favorable decision thank you so much. Susan
San Bernardino, California

Myler Disability - Eternally grateful

Health problems where piling up,rushed to the hospital nearly 50 times. In a 4 year period.Was fired from job even though I had all dr.s notes and release forms.Myler stepped in took over my case completly,and even though I was in the hospital when I was going to be evaluated s.s.d.i they still won my case in 6or7 months.Will never forget how much Myler helped me.So glad I picked them,will advertise anytime for free they made everything stress free!
Myler Disability - Excellent
I want to take time out An just say to the Myler lawfirm team I really do appreciate the hard work y’all put in for me .I had been trying to get my disability for the last two years An if it wasn’t for the hard work an excellence that put in for me. I would still be...
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Contact Myler Disability Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Myler Disability
758 Utah Valley Drive Suite #100
American Fork, UT
(800) 652-9626
I am reading some of the negative reviews posted about Myler Disability by unsatisfied clients and feel that I must speak up. I have been working closely with Myler on my case for the past 15-16 months which is currently at a the tail end of the reconsideration...
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