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Talk to my representative | Myler Disability review

Thanks for reaching out. Please give us a call to discuss this further.
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Needed to give a new update of dr visits for my ssi case

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I dont know what to do | Myler Disability review

Thanks for your inquiry. Please give us a call at 1-800-652-9626 and we'd be happy to help you more.
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  • Great customer service

I been denied on my first claim and had to file a appeal but dont know how long it will take because my child support is going up n money ran out. Im just stuck or confused now

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IAM frightening not Shure what to do? | Myler Disability review

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today. As we explained, up until last week, Social Security had another attorney listed as your representative. Now that they have finally removed that prior attorney, we are now listed as your representative. At this point, we need to work with you to obtain updated medical records so that your case is ready for the hearing with an administrative law judge. As we discussed today, we will continue to work on this and will keep you posted on what is going on. If you have further questions, please give us a call.
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Ohavbeen working with Myler for one yr and my hearing is scheduled for this month. I have keeper in contact and even one week ago was assured that everything" looked good" not to worry?

Now two weeks before my hearing IAM finding out that there are different departments and IAM in the final phase, however that they don't have enough info for judge and are going to postponed and this could take up to six more mouth s. Who have I been taking to alll this time? Should I find different lawyer? Is there time?

I put my trust and was even told not to worry that everything look good.

NOW I don't know what to do. Now IAM more worried about this than ever just received evection notice.

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My terrible experiences aren't mine alone with myler | Myler Disability review from Kansas City, Missouri

We understand that you are upset that it is taking the judge so long to issue a decision on your case. Unfortunately, there's little, if anything, that can be done to make the government do their jobs faster. In your case, the judge ordered a post-hearing consultative examination so that he could have your pulmonary function testing further evaluated. Those results came back in February and the judge has since decided that he would like a medical expert to review these via interrogatories. Once the judge has received a written response from the doctor Social Security chooses, he will proffer the response to us and we'll submit a reply. At that point, the judge can either issue a decision on the case or schedule a supplemental hearing.

We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a decision. However, please understand that we have no control over how fast Social Security takes to review your case.

We apologize for the difficulty we've had in keeping in contact with you via telephone. You have given us quite a few phone numbers to try, but rarely do your numbers work. Even with this online review, you provided yet another number we had not been made aware of. You're always welcome to email us or call us on our toll-free number: 1-800-652-9626. We will continue to try keeping you informed on any information we hear from Social Security.
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Well it took forever to get my court date I did not meet anybody or talk to anybody on the phone before my court datethen when we get to court it was all routine Harmony between the judge and the pretend lawyer. And even knowing that they have given me no information gave me the wrong information and made me wait for information for weeks they still tried to charge me for services I could have done for free knowing that I cannot work and struggling to make ends meet they send me these bills for services that they didn't even render.

The three charges were from three different medical centers for my medical records. I was recently in the hospital with this information and when it came time for me to be able to talk again I asked Salina regional if they would let me have my medical records and how much would it cost Salina regional doctors and nurses both told me that would not cost any more than the paper to print it out on not only that personal medical records can be found on websites at the health clinics hospitals and doctors offices Nationwide. it in other words I could have given them medical records for free why can't they just wait for me to get my disability check and then take the money out would make more sense. Then the lady who I seen one time and talked to on the phone one time told me that the decision will be made sometime in March after going to court in January,however when I inquired in March to find out what was going on remind you I have not heard from them since then a representative of matter told me it would be another two to six more months and once again sent me another bill for her services I could have rendered for free.

And they keep blaming these problems on me the first part of this list would be that they always lose my phone number I've had the same phone number and same phone and same service for the last 6 years and I've given them the same information for times each time they say well we didn't have it on record I know they did I have proof of my phone. One day in the mail, sadly, I received a review and a survey of how good are we doing at myler for you. Needless to say I gave them a really bad review I have no idea when this same case is going to end I have no idea how much money I'll be getting if I do and really I am totally uninformed by this company. At the end of this surveying they asked me if I would send them phone numbers and information on my friends and family who may need services from them and of course I told them *** no.

I applied for disability over a year ago I'm still waiting I've seen one charge one time at 1 court date and I still know just as much as I did nine and a half to 10 months ago myler disability you guys suck and anybody who's reading this review please don't let anybody be even considering to be represented by myler disability it would be a very bad mistake.

I'm going to write my Governor a letter next find out what kind of business this really is and what he may be able to do not only for me but for everybody else. If Brad myler was still alive today he would fire everybody.

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Why do I keep getting emails saying I owe $ for my medical records | Myler Disability review from Castroville, Texas

The fee agreement you signed states that you are to reimburse Myler Disability for any medical record invoices charged by your doctors. We have fronted these costs for you and simply ask to be reimbursed. Please call us if you have any questions.
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I keep getting emails that I owe $ for medical records..first it was 39 now up to 170 ..I signed papers for them to take 25% out of in back pay I'm not aware that i have to pay for my medical records...any lawyer i talked to requires no money unless the case is won...not sure wat is going on but not liking it much either..I'm hoping that I made the right decision to get them as my advocate

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The only problem I had with their services was they kept changing the person that working on my case and I done most of the paperwork myself but I do appreciate the lawyer that represented my hearing | Myler Disability review from Brooklyn, New York

Thanks for taking the time to write us a review! We're glad we were able to help you through this process and we wish you the very best!
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The lawyer that represented me at my hearing was very Good and they did keep in touch with me and kept me posted on the progress of the case and even called me to let me know when my Hearing was and what day and time and this was may of this year

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The worse lazyest law firm ever | Myler Disability review

As we discussed today when we spoke on the phone, we have tried having regular contact with you since becoming your representatives. We've communicated with you every 1 to 2 weeks, and sometimes even more frequently. We'll continue to keep you updated on the status of your claim. We've noted the new email address you provided today and we'll communicate with you electronically as well.

As you recently moved to another state, we're currently verifying with SSA that your file is being transferred to where you now live. As we receive status updates from SSA regarding your claim, we will continue to keep you updated and informed.

If there is anything further we can do for you, give us a call or shoot us an email!
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I applied for disability in November using myler disability as my lawyer. They never keep in contact to let you know what's going on.if you call it's always leave a message.but they never replied to any message.i would not advise any one to use this film.they are very unprofessional.More law firm do keep in contact.please people if you are thinking about using this firm please find someone better.they are very lazy an just looking for free money.This is the worse film in Michigan.

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No, Horrified, Retaliated, Bullied, Harrassed, Stonewalled from Brad Myler, Abandoned, and Terminated from Legal Representation when I made multiples Complaints. Caught in "Myler's SSA Snare-Trap"! | Myler Disability review from Atlanta, Georgia

Sorry to hear that you're upset. We hope you attended the Consultative Examination that Social Security scheduled for you and we wish you the best as you continue to proceed with your case. We were attempting to help you obtain disability benefits from Social Security when you fired us as your representatives. As you know, we also agreed to waive fees when we withdrew. We did this out of concern for your mental well-being and to not add additional stress to what is obviously a difficult time for you.
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Myler Disability LLC has Grossly/Covertly operated their Lawfirm as a Deceptive/Unfair Business Practises, Social Security Federal and State Fraudulent Business Practices, Explotied Disabled Clients, and Discriminated against their Disabled Clients. They tricked us into signing an "Uninformed Contract" to represent us. That is a Felony and Gross violations to "Legal-Malpracties."

REPORT: If this has happened to you or Loveone, PLEASE CONTACT your (a.) Social Security Fraud-Alert Federal Trade Commision Hotline#; (b.) State's Consumer Protections Hotline#; (c.) State's Bar Liscene Consumer Assistance #; and (d.) Local States Congressmen's Office.

Myler's Disabilty Lawfirm intentional Professional Codes Misconduct of Egregious Breech of Fiduciary Duties, and Derelictions of Legal duties Severly Adversely Degraded/Harmed my SSI Appeals Court Hearing back on March 26, 2019 and Traumatized me. I discovered I have been dealing with "A pack of Wolves-6Attorneys, dressed in sheep's clothings." They are Detroyers set up to do business to rob, kill, and destroy their Disabled Clients who are not abled to work.

ADVERSE MOTIVES: Myler Disabilty Owner Atty. Bradford Myler, CEO Atty David Danial Bott; and Affliates-including Attormeys Atty. Shani Frankin have Systemically Exploited, Manipulated, Set-up their SSDI Clients, and SSI Clients inorder to get away with illgeally Defrauded Schems to collect/defraud the maximun amounts fees from your payouts $6000.00 vs only 25%.

VIOLATED: "Theif by Deception"

AVISORY NOTICE: Please check with your States Secretary of State to ensure they have an Artical of Certificate as a LLC company, Doing Business As, and registered Business Liscenced for "Intra Commerce" to avoid State and Federal and State Tax Evasions.

COMPLIANCE AND ETHICS OVERSIGHTS WATCHMEN: It is our duty and responcibility to protect the Intergity of Social Security Programs from operating as "Crooked and Perverted RICO Schemes."

Social security | Myler Disability review

I'm just glad to say I got these attorneys and I won my case
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Think twice | Myler Disability review from Cato, New York

As we have explained to you already, we withdrew from your case because we felt that the medical evidence did not support your allegations of disability. We will not discuss specifics on a public forum such as this, but in essence, your medical records don't match what you've told us. You're still welcome to pursue your claim with Social Security. Our withdrawal from the case should not impact your claim in any way.
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Think twice before entering into agreement with Myler Disability. Last year I had open heart surgery and I filed for ss disability and I was denied.

So not sure what to do I contacted Myler Disability talk to them answered all of their questions signed the paperwork and I agreed to have them represent me and they agreed to represent me in the hearings and appeals if necessary. So with a false sense of hope I thought that I would be all set and just had to wait until the first hearing and see what would happen and take it from there. Well I was never so wrong because the other day I received a letter from ss stating that Myler Disability had dropped my case which meant I was going to be on my own again and this letter was dated on march 15 2019 and the reason that I bring up the date is that on the 12th I sent a email to my case manager asking if there was any up dates on my case and on the 13th I received a email back stating that there was nothing new going on and we are just waiting for a hearing date. So just two days later they decided to drop me without letting me know.

The only way that I knew was the ss office so there was enough time for them to mail a letter to the ss office and for the ss office to write up a letter and mail it to me, But I dont hear a word from Myler Disability at all. I called their office and finally got to talk to my case manager and they informed me that they dropped the case because they didnt think that there was enough evidence. I have had two heart attacks and a quintuple bypass but they determine that there is not enough evidence to support a claim. Tell me if I am wrong but they took the case on and had a contract to help me through this process present the information we have to ss and let them make a decision from there.

That was the agreement/ contract Myler disability and I had between us. I asked my case worker one question which was that if I wasnt happy with Myler Disability could I break the agreement/ contract and fire them without having to pay the percent of the fees they require and the answer was NO they would get their money no matter what.

So what it comes down to in plain english is Myler disability believes that they dont have hold up to their end of a agreement/ contract even though they expect you to. I would think twice before I signed anything with this company and check out other options james dean