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Myler Disability - Myler makes money only by going to court

At Myler Disability, we take only get paid if your benefits are approved. Even then, any fee we receive must first by approved by Social Security. As such, the work we do is closely scrutinized by the government and if we weren't extremely competent and successful, we would have gone out of business a long time ago. With us, you can be assured that you're hired advocates who have proven time and time again that we're going to do all we can to win your claim.
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I had a disability form filled out by my pain management doctor. I called myler to find out where should I send the form they told me to send it to social security but gave me their address which at the time I didnt notice.

Well the form never got to ss and claim denied again. They didnt know what medical documents ss have because they get the documents not them. I had the wrong info on my letter which now I have another chance to provide the correct info. I will not let them handle my case anymore.

They have yet to do anything but when and if you win they want 6 grand of your and the lawyers dont do nothing and dont know nothing about your case. who is myler anyway because his associates go before the judge not him. The minimum wage employees they have there are the problem you get what you pay for. Sounds good in the beginning but its all a scam....

beware of them dont waste your time. Its been almost a year for me and I know if ss had the correct and all my medical documentation things would be different.


Why are all you complaining about $6,000.00, all other attorneys take 25% of total back pay. :?


Personally, I am not using their services but know someone who is. My only problem that I am witness with this company is that they lack communication skills,and they don't have confidence in their name.

I mean this person that was assigned to my friends case was not informed on the clients file..kept asking my friend if he takes medicine and all kinds of *** questions. She should have known that he was indeed taking about 6 different meds and who in the *** can remember that.I was blown away by this and then was talking that the case didn't look to good but doing the hearing in front of the ALG my friend said he did all the talking and that the judge seemed pretty cool..the lawyer or whoever she was mixed files up and the ALG was annoyed with that.I don't know about this company..The lady was not prepared and it's almost like when you first meet someone. She didn't introduce herself to me at all and I was there to help my friend. She stated we only have this much time before they call us back, I'm thinking to my self either you was late or you don't know what you are doing..My friend and I was there at the office an hour early.

I guess they operate this way due to not getting paid if they lose the case.

I just think they need to take time out to really help the clients check in every once in a while..and kinda get to know the person you are working with. GEESH!!


Not with the backlog of Disability claims in front of the courts in your state.


they have been good to me over the last 2 years and 3 months :) :)


:cry :cry


To the confused... Myler associates told me I needed their services prior to the hearing!!

They withheld medical documents that clearly made my case strong. They gave me instructions that were incorrect and now I have to wait almost a year for a hearing. Since you are confused did I make it more clear for you. If not figure it out on your own.

People obtain legal service for one reason they need HELP. They are suppose to provide a service which they are clearly not able to do because of the confused staff, like yourself they have handling the cases.


I understand what a lot of you folks are going through I to had similar issue pertaining to this company Myler Disability. while I was waiting on a fed back on my case I notice that it had been awhile since I heard anything so I decided to give them a call.

When I ask them for a update on my claim I was ask did I go to the doctor appointment that was schedule for me by the state. I was puzzled I was like what appointment then they said there was a appointment schedule for you on this particular date. So I ask them why wasn't I notify of this Dr. appointment so they came up with this BS lame excuse to try and cover up their lie.

I mean they never even bother to call me are send me out the mail notices so by them failing not communicating with me I now have to wait on this long hearing to see the judge. Unbelievable !


I hired Myler in Oct. 2011 and was approved by SSA for disability in May 2012.

Myler pretty much did what they said they would. They filled out the application and followed up with SSA during the process. They always responded to my email (always the best way). Whether that was worth $6,000 is a big question.

I would have been better off filling out the application myself. But it was comforting having them in my corner during the process.


Your complaint makes no sense. It's loaded with inconsistencies. The only reasons one needs a company like Mylar are 1)you want to have representation before a judge at a hearing, 2) you find the application process too confusing, or 3), you want the security of having someone in your corner during the process.

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Myler Disability - Offers of employment

We just became aware of this review. While we can't verify its validity (due to it being an anonymous post), it's likely that it's not legitimate. We are always looking forward to finding highly qualified individuals to add to our team. If we retracted an offer, it was likely because the person didn't pass our simple criminal background check.
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Beware of employment offers with this company. I was offered a position by HR.

Four hours later the HR Manager called to retract the offer saying their had been miscommunication between her and her manager and the position was already filled. Unfortunately I had cancelled a promising second interview based on her previous job offer. If nothing else, they are very unprofessional, if not unethical.

It could have been a mix up or it could have been a bait and switch because she did offer me a position that paid 3 less per hour at the end of the conversation.


Im still waiting cnt really comment they return my calls everytime.But I have been denied twice now I'm waiting on an hearing date. It's been almost two years. :zzz :upset


From my perspective, this company tends to lean toward hiring people under 25, which isn't bad at all, however what happened to a little diversity in the workplace

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Myler Disability - Worst place I ever worked--and an attorney will spend about 5 hrs reviewing your case before court

We are happy to say that at Myler Disability we make great efforts to ensure that our employees are competent, empathetic, and hard working. While from time to time we've had employees leave who have had bitter, untrue comments (such as the one who wrote this review), we take great pride in knowing we have a team of professionals filled with individuals who are doing this for the right reason. They enjoy and find great fulfillment in helping those who are disabled through the disability process. There's something inexplicably rewarding that comes by helping those who are struggling through their time of greatest need. That's why Myler Disability exists. That's why we've been around for many years and will be around for many years to come. And it's why we've been successful in helping tens of thousands of clients obtain disability benefits.
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I chose to work here about a year ago when the economy was really, really bad here. It was the only job that I could find.

Right away, I could tell this company did not give a hoot about their employees. Women at the office usually got stuck with more work than their male counterparts, whom the female managers loved to flirt with. I knew as soon as I could find another job, I was out of there.

Because the environment there was so negative in general, the employees that came to work everyday and do the MAJORITY of work on your SS case (and they do not need a college degree) could care less about the client and we would do the bare minimum on your case--we were getting paid $8.50/hr.

We would get the information that we needed, get your medical records and talk to you more than the attorney on your SS case will.

Bottom line: If you win, you will give this law firm 40% of your SS award back pay, and the attorney spent 5 hrs on your case from start to finish. The majority of your case was handled by a 20-year old kid.

Good luck!


I worked here too, and it is the biggest bunch of *** artists I've ever seen. Your case workers will be 18-22 year old kids who have no idea of what they are doing, and have about 2 weeks training.

All that is required to work here is a HS diploma or GED.

You will not talk to a lawyer until you're literally ready to go to court, generally 2 years after starting the process. Avoid these people like the plauge.


Brad Myler rips off his own relatives, including his mother and children. His wife left him when she came to realize what a crook he is.

He also sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to complete his facade, using his church to exploit others. He is a curse in the lives of those who know him.

Stay the heck away!


While I agree that Brad is a conartist, I fail to see how his religion has anything to do with this. Please get your head out of your *** before you speak.


My favorite was receiving a call right before my hearing saying we can't help you and then after being placed on hold. Oh forget I called.

Now my denial is full of lies and they had all the paperwork and could have reviewed w/ me and chose not too.

I paid off the bill for medical records and they better not ask for more. I am going to take my denial to a real lawyer to read


Apparently those people that have said miler disability is a great place to work have obviously not worked there very long. I worked there for years only because I couldn't find another job in the economy.

There are a lot of unethical things that on there including employees forging client signatures and the attorneys pretending like it didn't happen. If you are a prospective employee or even a prospective client my suggestion stay away.


The one in American Fork, Utah. You know they hate there jobs. The guy I talked to was so disrespectful to me and I am not even the client


I believe it. they are dishonest and have attitudes.

No wonder. over worked under paid


HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even talk to a live voice and no one will call me back.

What have I done here? :(


Wow James is right on. I would love to know if the former myler disability employ or dots have ever worked for a larger law firm?

Also do you know what the owners of companies do? I guess not. I love working here. I wish Brad's TV had any reception to it.

He has it for his computer. but what would I know. I am just a male white employee.

Well best of luck with your pissed off comments. I hope you have fun at your next call center job you get.


Hey, if the lawyer spends 5 hours reviewing the case, we're getting an incredibly good deal! That's ridiculous.

This isn't the Supreme Court. A lawyer could review a disability case in a half hour. Supervisors flirting? A boss who doesn't do the grunt work?

Have you ever worked anywhere else? This is what you'll find anywhere!

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Myler Disability - Myler disabilities

If you get an answering machine when you call, please leave a message and we'll call you right back. We answer most calls as they come in, but when we can't, we make sure to call back within a day. Keeping in contact with our clients is an important key in being successful in helping them obtain benefits!
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They have been handling my case for 1 year and 1/2 now, and within that year in 1/2 i have been denied again. I have been in contact with them to let them know about my address change and give them more information on my case.See i have had 2 surgeries on my hands, Fibromyalgia,Asthma,and Bipolar disorder.The surgeries were done on my left and right hand for Carpel Tunnel.Case manager Wendy will not return my calls so i can send her this information.This is what really upsets me is listening to an answering machine every time i call.


:),I'm going thru the process ,now & im satisfied so far, until then I have no complants,they are doing a good job, :) ,I pray things workout for me,if they don't I will keep trying.




i have been very satisfied with the service i have received from myler i know this process may be a long one but whenever i have questuions or concern they have been there for me the only thing i didn't care for was i was switched without a warning :)

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Myler Disability Lawyers Review from Greenville, South Carolina

At Myler Disability, we have been helping disabled individuals get benefits through Social Security for many years and the overwhelming majority of our clients are very pleased with our work. Here, we have received a review that is less-than-flattering and contains a number of things we want to clarify. First, please understand that Myler Disability only gets paid if your case is approved. Even then, Social Security must approved the fee before Myler Disability receives even a single dollar. The statements this person makes about our fee agreement are false. In addition, we have no financial motivation to do anything other than try to help you win your case. Second, we realize that not everyone is going to have their case approved. In litigation, there's always a winner and a loser. We have been representing disabled clients for many years and we've been successful tens of thousands of times. Our attorneys and staff are very experienced and will work tirelessly to help you with your claim. Nearly all of our clients are pleased with the services we perform on their behalf, but when someone loses, they sometimes want to blame the loss anywhere they can. Here, that's exactly what happened. Third, when the person is upset that we "submitted the wrong evidence," we want to make it clear that we can't hide evidence from Social Security and we can't allow our clients to do so, either. We zealously represent our clients, but we make sure we do so within the law. Fourth, please understand that there are two sides to every story. The narrative in this review is only one side of the story and we are certain things did not happen as he describes them. Fifth, and finally, we are always happy to help our clients make sense of what is going on with their case. If you have questions or concerns, we'd encourage you to call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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I am 26 and I suffer from BiPoler One disorder. When I was a child, I was on disability. I have been going to therapy since I was 13. When I reached the age of 17 I took myself off of disability to try and work, you know, like normal people. I never was able to keep a job for longer than 3 months.

Two years ago I started to try and get back on disabiliby. No one can say I didnt tried to work. I hired Myler Disability to be my lawers. After many different changes to the staff, having to explan it all again to each one, and two denials later, I went to court. The lawyer I was assigned never called me intill the day before. Then he rushed me off the phone.

I Live in a small area and this lawyer drove from Atlanta to be in court with me. He held the whole court system up for 3 hours till he was ready. Then he called me back to this little room to make me sign some stuff. He rushed me and wouldn't give me time to read them. I did try to read one but he took it from me when I was half way through the page, not even saying anything to me. This is when his attuted started to show. The judge got pissed off and took it out on me and my lawyer sumitted all the wrong evidence causing me to look like I shouldn't even be in court that day, but out looking for a job instead.

After coming home,I remenbered what I read before It was jerked out of my hand, It said I had to pay them even if I lost and if I changed lawyers I would still have to pay them if I won or lost. The contract is worded in away where you cant understand it and thats how they get you. I am waiting on my decion right now, but I know what the judge would do when I left the court room and thats to throw out my claim. The lawyer was rude and as we were walking out of the court room, he turned to the judge and said "not every one would be as nice as you." making it look like I was doing the rude talking. I couldn't even get a word in the whole time because the judge was pissed off from the lawyer.

Do not hire myler disability. Its the worst thing I have ever done.


well *** i can't even sign up as me Duane owens sr my doctor refused to fill out myler's medical form stating that they where frauds even wanted to charge me $100 FOR ANYTHING REGARDING THIS COMPANY


were you pleased with their services?


this is happening to me now


Really wow but did you get it your disability I've been with Myles 3 yrs and so far they have stayed on top of things I'm located in Virginia and I pray all goes well


As stuck it out for 3 years with myler and I just got my court approval. They even got me back pay


I hired them and im going through the same thing I have been fighting soc security 2 years as of next month and with everything I have to keep going threw I can win my self




you know I am using them now , should I ? they said the same thing to me , about paying evan if I loose sounds the same as you, im really confused, they already lost it once, we are reapealing now.

I have lost 4 times? what should I do?


I'm having some issues with Mylers Disability as well... All they want you to do is fill out papers after papers which should be their job then wanna send you a bill for them looking up something...

Really !!! Then why did I hire them if I have to fill out my own paperwork... Again REALLY !!! They're not business like you would think...

All i'm saying is do ur homework before you hire any one for whatever reasons... Lesson learned !!!


I hired Muller Disability in Nov 2014 and 8mo later I was approved. I was very happy with them.

They were always nice and polite and always answered any questions I had.

Sorry you had a bad experience but they are not a a scam. I live in Oregon.

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