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Myler Disability review in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Denied Waiver Fees

We just became aware of this review and would encourage anyone reading this to contact us if you have a problem with our office. We're happy to listen and do whatever we can to make your experience with us of the highest quality. We are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and would like to point out that very, very few of our clients ever write a negative review or file a complaint against us. In fact, less that 0.002% ever do. While we want to help those who are unhappy to have a better experience, the truth is that we've helped tens of thousands of clients receive disability and nearly all of them have been very satisfied with the quality of our work. We still look for ways to improve and if you have feedback for us, please give us a call! We can be reached at 1-800-652-9626.
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I had the same problem with Brad Myler. They declined waiver fees.

I found a way around them. Contact your local Social Security Office (Disability dept) Tell them you are having problems with the waiver fees and Brad Myler. Ask them if you can file a "right to withdraw representation letter". I am not sure if all states allow this.

But if they do. Just ask them how to do this. Once you do this, verify it has been scanned into their system. You can get a new attorney this way.

But you have a short time to do this! You will also need to let your new attorney know and send them a copy of this letter. Also one needs to go to Brad Myler but I would wait till you get the rest of them sent and verified first. This only allows you to get a new attorney.

It is up to the hearing judge if how much he will allow in fees to be paid to Brad Myler. Hope this helps everyone who is having this issue. I was waiting for 2 years.

By the way, this is standard wait time in most cases, but Brad Myler drags it out so they get more money from all that back pay you are getting from waiting each month. Sad but true....

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Myler Disability review in Weaverville, North Carolina: Disability Claim for Epilepsy

We would encourage any of our clients who have concerns or questions about their case to give us a call. We're happy to discuss things with you. Remember, we only get paid if your case is approved, so our #1 goal is to help you get benefits. Having regular communication with our clients is a critical part of this, and if for any reason you're not happy with one of our employees, please let us know.
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After months of not hearing from Myler Disability concerning my SSD request, and not hearing from them despite calling them numerous times-even after telling LACY BIRCH they could at least stay in contact with us-it is still the same old thing with MYLER DISABILITY. Contract or NOT-they have Failed to provide as an Attorney Should, and their "service" is Horrendous!

They need to Remember that a contract doesn't mean people Have to tolerate their Dis-Service. If you dont do your JOB-the one youre PAID to so-you CAN be Fired!

LACY BIRCH wouldnt even provide the name or number of her BOSS so that we could tell them she has been so cavalier and incompetent! Someone needs to do something about her-those of us seeking SSI/SSD cannot afford to be Ignored as we Suffer!

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Myler Disability review in Atlanta, Georgia: Bottom feeders. behind the 8ball! pure cra....

We're unable to verify the authenticity of this review, but it appears that this person is unhappy after we were able to get his/her case approved. We would encourage this person to give us a call to discuss this matter further. We're happy to listen and if there's anything we received in legal fees that we weren't entitled to under our fee agreement, we're happy to issue a refund. Be aware that every single dollar that Myler Disability receives in legal fees must first be approved by the Social Security Administration. We're not looking to take advantage of anyone, but rather we're trying our hardest to help make people's lives better. While it's often a thankless job, we're dedicated to helping our clients when they need us the most. Call us if you have any questions: 1-800-652-9626.
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Myler disability advocates really?? Our government should ban people like this!

I as a totally disabled person, will gladly help, for no charge, any legitimate claiment. STOP the bottom feaders from further ruining peoples lives!!! They have no more interest in helping anyone than??? Really?

They do nothing but wait for their pre-approved 6000.00 dollars. While their clients become homeless and in financial ruin! Really. What a great America!

Pay the bottom feeders . What's up? I need the

6000.00 they stole for their services. Oh, that's right, NO services.

Please, pay me what I have paid into for 35 years. I need it!

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Myler Disability review in Lehi, Utah: Lazzy/Liar Law Office

We're unable to verify the authenticity of this review, but it seems to have been written by a former employee who is now one of our competitors. We care deeply about the struggles our clients are facing and want to help during this difficult time in their lives. We've been doing this for many years and have helped tens of thousands of clients receive benefits. The overwhelming majority of our clients are happy with the service we provide and we consider it an honor to be trusted with the task of helping them during their time of need.
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First I would like to say "Amen" to all the comments. If you are looking for your case to get approved in 2-10 yrs this is the lawfirm for you.

My ex-husband decided to hire Myler law because he felt mentally unable to understand the process(he suffers from mental and physical disabilities), they helped him file his claim 9 months ago.. Well, he was denied at the 6 months mark(they said usaully happens) than 8 months in they said they needed the appeal paperwork(should'nt that have ask at the 5-6 month mark if that usally happens). They said after the appeal was filed SSI would file a court date(they said could take up to a yr or more.. After he spent the night in a homeless shelter and almost freezing to death I decided to take over. I called Myler law and demanded to speak to a supervisor. When I was speaking with him I was informed of many things they did not tell my ex-husband and that was only after I ask I swear 50 questions. He is changing law firms A.S.A.P

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We just became aware of this review and wish this client had called us to discuss his concerns. We're happy to find a reasonable solution to any disagreement someone may have with us. We also take pride in knowing we do a good job at representing out clients. We've been doing this for many years and have a proven track record of success.
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My boyfriend has had seizures for the past 17 years and has attempted ssd and ssi many times, finally he decided to appeal his case through Myler Disability (more like Liar disability!) They did little to nothing to help and it was taking years to get a court date. He got a new lawyer and got his court date about 3 months later, the new lawyer won him ssi and ssd and the judge extended his claim back as far as he could so he would receive a nice amount of back pay.

Now that Myler found this out they put a hold on his back pay and are trying to get $$$$$2,700.00 out of him!!!!! Now he has been waiting 4 months for his back pay and there is probably another 4 months left or more to wait because of the *** at Myler. AND FOR WHAT!!! THEY DID NOT HELP, THEY DID NOT WIN THE CASE...


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Myler Disability - They call themselves Attorneys!

We just became aware of this review and wish we could have addressed this concern with this lady back at the time she wrote it. We try very hard to help our clients get the benefits they deserve. Here, it's likely that there was nothing that could be done with her husband's prior claim, although we would need to have more information before knowing for sure. We work on a contingency basis, so there's no motivation for us to settle for anything less than the very most we can get for you. We're glad we were able to win this case, but wish this person had called us 4 years ago to address these concerns instead of posting them on an obscure website that took us years to find. If any of you reading this have questions about your claim, give us a call at 1-800-652-9626. We sincerely want to help our clients in this disability process and need them to contact us with their concerns.
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It took them 3 years to get my husband $156.00 a month but didn't go after the real problem that was to get his Disability case re-opened. The case was turned over to six different attorneys before it went in front of a judge.

They agreed to SSI and didn't discuss with my husband what he was giving up. So, now that we are understanding what SSI is really about we can't get Myler to go back in front of the judge and no other attorney will touch the case. So, if Mr. Brad Myler reads these complaints I just want to let you know that your firm is full of attorneys that don't really care about anyone.

Your company has made it so that my family has been destroyed and that in order for us to survive that I will have to divorce my husband so, he can get help to take care of all his medical bills. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS YOUR JOB! SO I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!! MR.


We just became aware of this review and are unsure of what this person is referring to. We're happy to address any concerns, though. We just need this person to give us a call. We'd encourage any of our clients to call us with their questions or concerns. ...
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Myler Disability review in Provo, Utah: Worst Company Ever

At Myler Disability, we take pride in knowing our seasoned staff offer you professional service that is second to none. We've been representing disabled people for many years and have obtained benefits for tens of thousands of clients. Know that when you call Myler Disability, you're dealing with a company that has proven themselves year after year. Let our experience help you with your claim.
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  • worst company

This is the worst company ever. There is nothing but a bunch of young kids running the show.

My attorney met me 15 minutes before my hearing and knew nothing about my case. I have never felt so ripped off in my life. No one ever returns your calls. People who work for this company must not be very smart; they can't even give you the same answer and are always giving you different people to work on your case who don't know what they are doing.

It just a big telemarketing set up trying to rip you off. Then they act like they have well educated people working for you and they don't

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Myler Disability review in Tallahassee, Florida: Confused

We just became aware of this obscure website and this review. If this client, or any other, is wanting to talk to us, please call us at 1-800-652-9626. We're happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
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I have yet to get to talk to a live voice. What have I done here with Myler Disability?

Can't even get a return call, but they send letters asking for all of my personal information. And why do I have to type 100 words. I just getting horrible service from someone who is supposed to be representing me on a disability claim. If you are reading this Myler Disability or Brad Myler please return me phone calls.

This is foolishness.

Now I have to get a lawyer to deal with this situation. I hope not and hope all the other comments are not true.

We're unable to verify the authenticity of this review and, although it's now 2017, just became aware of it. We would like to address the concerns this person had in 2012 when this was written, but we need him/her to call us so we can identify who he/she is. ...
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