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Myler Disability - Poor Outcome Review from Downey, California

We are unable to verify if this review is from a former client, as it was posted anonymously. If we did withdraw from this claim, it was because we became aware of evidence that contradicted the allegations the client was making. While this person may very likely feel that he/she should get disability benefits, if his/her doctors are not supportive and if he/she has not been getting regular treatment, there's not much we can do to help. We don't think this is “ghetto representation,” but rather honest, candid legal advice. While you're under no obligation to follow the advice we offer, please don't be upset if we determine that your claim no longer has merit because of the evidence you had been trying to hide from us. If you have questions, give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
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It's been 2 yrs since myler has taken my case. All the while I was led to believe they were dedicated and that we would have a successful outcome.

My caseworker David ext 504 LIED when he said he filed an extention therefore when the review team met they withdrew from my case which led Mr David into his next LIE of how he was stunned and unsure why they withdrew.

Eventually his supervisor accepted one of the many attempted calls and together we discovered that MYLER SUCKS!!!! VERY DISGUSTED WITH THEIR GHETTO REPRESENTATION!!!

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Myler Disability - Review in Lawyers category from Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks for standing up for us! We want to answer phone calls when then come in, but as you pointed out, if we don't answer, it's because we're on the phone with another client or with a doctor's office as we try getting medical records. If you have to be on hold, we'll get to you shortly. If you leave a message, we'll call back quickly, and at the latest within 1 day. We really care about our clients and want to continue offering them excellent customer service.
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You people don't have a clue what you're talking about. I used myler myself and they did a wonderful job for me.

So what if you're put on hold for a little while.

Just means they are busy people and are working hard on your claim. So man up and give these people some credit.

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I actually used them and happened to be on this site to get the info to give to another person ..I am shocked at what I am reading, I feel like they were helpful, attentive and returned calls when needed or contacted me for things they might need. My claim was quickly resolved and when SS held back money for review, they helped me get it cleared up AFTER they had been paid and didn't charge me anything other than the fee agreed to ( a percentage of the award) sorry I don't recall the exact percentage or amount, but the aggravation the alleviated was well worth it, as another lawyer had the case 4 years and mishandled it.

They are professional and I would recommend them.

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Myler Disability - Return Phone Call Review from Birmingham, Alabama

We just became aware of this obscure website and these reviews. We're sorry to see the handful of clients who are so upset with us. We realize that a lot of time has passed since this review was posted, but our commitment to helping our clients is as strong as ever. We are happy to address any concerns our clients may have. We'd encourage them to call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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These people are a joke !!!!! They really need to be reported ...I am on hold with them now I can never get a live person always VM .I can never get a return phone call all I want to do is fire them can you please pick up

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Myler Disability - Ruined my case and my life.

We just became aware of this obscure website and these reviews. We would encourage any of our clients who are upset to give us a call and allow us the opportunity to address your concerns. We have successfully represented tens of thousands of clients over the years and have the experience that it takes to help you with your claim. Here, we can't address the validity of this review but would still welcome the author to give us a call at 1-800-652-9626 so that we can discuss things further.
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These guys took two years of my life. All along I thought they were doing a good job for me. They answered my calls so I thought all was well.

My hearing date arrived and I answered all questions truthfully. The Myler attorney who sat in on the hearing took notes on a legal pad as the judge asked me questions. Hearing over the attorney said I represented myself well.

His last words to me were, "If your case is denied we will refile."

Two months later I receive a letter from Myler telling me about how I should appeal or start a new claim.

I did not realize my case had been denied. So I call my case manager and she tells me they are dropping me as a client. What the heck happened to "We will refile".

Two years of my life I wasted with these people.

I am sure they win some cases to stay in business.

However I would think long and hard before I trusted them with my future.


Haven't used |Myler yet, their not the only one's who act like that. I chose another Diability company.

Before my hearing I asked them is their anything else I could do to support my claim. They said theirs nothing more to do but wait. Which their was something else I could have done, because they didn't accomplish anything. I emailed them crying my heart out about my situation, most of the time they would email back.

Their attorneys for the first hearing, met me at the last minute, and flew by all the details. Then the next hearing I had a female attorney, they switched attorneys without asking me anything. I think you should at least meet with attorneys at least a week or 2 before hearing. Get this the second hearing the judge didn't show.

It was the coldest day ever, but I made it their an hour early, wasted carfare, because he cancelled it to another date, which I asked my lawyer, how much longer it will be before the judge calls another hearing. I think it's unfair that they can not show up and make your case longer than necessary when you already had been waiting 2 years.

|If I didn't show up my case would have been cancelled. Again it was cold as ever below 0, I made it why didn't he.


In 2010 my wife won her s.s disability case. She had to take her case in front of the hearing judge after being denied twice.

My wife had three letters from doctors stating she was disabled and the judge was surprised it had gone this long. On the day of her hearing the Myler attorney showed up just in time. he was completely prepared. He only needed to talk to my wife for a few minutes because he had all of her records.

This mylar attorney new exactly how to talk to the judge and just called out reference numbers to the medical records. The hearing did not last 5 minutes and the judge issued his ruling right then.

All back S.S payments included. Almost everyone gets denied at least once maybe twice.


@ brainsurgery you are exactly right. my wife used them 4 years ago.

She was turned down the first time then appealed it and got a hearing with a hearing officer or judge..

about three or four months later and was fully favorable approved within a years time!

They did a great job and so the people that are against myler disability,,,

***They have an 80% winning percentage!! *** Not to shabby at all...

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Myler Disability - Review about Assistance from Bellevue, Washington

I hired myler in December of 2013 and it is June 2014 and I got approved for social security. Thanks myler for helping with my case.
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I filed at the same time with still working on getting court date.I have done all the paper work for them.they have threatnd to drop me at least once over the last year.till I sent them more paper work showing how diabled I am.then they change there tunes.


Myler Disability is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

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Bellevue, Washington
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Myler Disability - Added fees that are fraud

We just became aware of this review but want to assure this anonymous reviewer that every single penny we receive in legal fees must first be approved by the Social Security Administration. While we can't verify the authenticity of this review, if we received a $700 for helping this person win benefits, it was because Social Security (a) agreed that we should be paid, and (b) authorized a fee that was deemed appropriate. If this person has further questions, we're happy to talk. We can be reached at 1-800-652-9626.
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i got disability and no back pay so they added a bunch of fees such as phone calls they would say they talked to me a 1/2 hour and it was only 3 minutes several times at 100 dollars an hour i pulled my phone records of the calls and none were charged out right. they are trying to get 700 dollars out of me for nothing but trumped up charges.

on my first interview i ask them about the fees if i did not have back pay and they said everybody gets back pay and there would be no fee unless they were out of pocket for expenses like medical records.

when i got my bill i talked to alex v and told her about the conversation and her answer was sorry we miss informed you but you owe us the money. DO NOT HIRE THEM UNTIL YOU ARE DISSAPROVED BECAUSE THEY WILL MISS IMFORM YOU JUST TO GET YOU TO SIGN ON ASAP/

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It seems like there might have been a misunderstanding, as my previous experience with Myler has been fantastic. They were honest, polite, and friendly.

I'm sure that a big firm like Myler would have several expenses in a case that it would need to recover, such as attorney fees, record fees, and all other fees associated with running a business and making sure that your matter is given the best representation possible. I don't think it would be fair for them to help you win your benefits and not be compensated.

Just my opinion. Once again, thank you Myler.

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Myler Disability - Disability Package Review from Houston, Texas

We just became aware of this review. Almost 3 years has passed and we hope that this person reached out to our office for clarification on why he/she was receiving the same paperwork more than once. It's very likely that if the new client package was sent multiple times, it was because the client asked us to. Other paperwork may seem repetitive, but nearly all of it is what Social Security requires to have updated from time to time. If you've got a question about why we're sending you something to be filled out and submitted, give us a call and we're happy to explain why.
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I applied for disability three times i provided all the information that was required ,myler disability keep sending the same package asking me to fill it again...very unorganized and very unreliable.....

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Myler disability needs to close down

In all types of litigation, there will always be a winner and a loser. The winners usually walk away happy and the losers usually walk away very upset. It's no different with disability cases. However, here at Myler Disability we have been helping disabled clients receive benefits from Social Security for many years. We're very good at what we do and have tens of thousands of clients who are better off today because of the service we offered them. If you're upset or frustrated with how your case is going, please give us a call at 1-800-652-9626. We'd love to help you out!
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I've been having problems with my back spine and my knees I hurt awhile agoccan't be able to work anymore I been fighting this for almost three years I've called no answer just voice mail no request of anything they need no phone calls back did what they asked me to do court doctors and test and now court I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for something and when they have to give out bad news they someone else that is filling in call. My attorney decided to drop me and so did the whole entire office for no reason at I asked why and they said I don't know don't hire them it will be a waist of time and it go no where

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Myler Disability - AMAZED AT MYLER ***

We just became aware of this obscure website and the reviews that are here. We want to take time to address each and every review, but we also encourage our clients to call us to discuss their concerns or complaints. We're happy to listen and try helping our clients in any way that we can. The reality is that most of these people are frustrated because of how long the Social Security disability process takes and it's easier to aim their frustration at us than somewhere else. We understand and still want to help. Please be aware that the long waiting times people are experiencing has nothing to do with Myler Disability, but rather with the backlog Social Security is facing. While there are a number of people who have written complaints on this obscure website, they only represent about 0.0002% of our clients. The truth is that we've successfully represented many tens of thousands of clients over the years and nearly all of them have been very happy and satisfied with the services we offer. If the author of this anonymous review has problems with how we handled his/her claim (which, per the info provided, was approved), we would encourage him/her to give us a call. Name calling on obscure websites that we're unaware of will do nothing to resolve your concerns. Give us a chance to help you out. Call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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That's not true cuz I'm on s.s.I and this place didn't do a *** thing for me. I called land of Lincoln legal aid and sat back as they got my info andthree myths later I was told I got accepted and I was owed two yrs back pay. Needless to say myler can kiss my *** land of Lincoln is the only place for my family.


First off it takes 3 years to get disability anyone will tell you, you are ALWAYS turned down at your first hearing. you have to have all medical/mental medical documentation along with all specialists as well as vocational rehabilitation report from SSA to get it.

They do not just take someones word and never will get it without an attorney, they do not take anymore than any other attorney.

They did not fail you at the first hearing, social security again ALWAYS denies your first initial court hearing, ask any of your doctors. :(


Laziest group of people I've ever seen. I went thru 3 different interns before they decided.

To drop my case due 2 me not having enough Dr saying disabled. They want you 2 do all the papers etc. What a joke. Should have known.


T the first month or two!

!!! Find someone other than these lames or you'll be sorry


You have to have doctors, specialist, mental health, MRI'S, orthopedic surgeons that is what is required by SSA and yes you have to complete papers, sometimes duplicates, because that is what the SS judge wants, Myler disabilty has done a great job, I e-mail them with Names, addresses, phone and fax numbers they have attained everything for me and I have the same attorney from my first hearing on my second hearing. :( :(


Amazed at Myler Jackasses........I want to make sure I understand your complaint. I am very confused.

Basically what your saying is that you paid into SSI with your "hard earned money", filed a claim ( hiring Myler to represent you) and were denied 3 years later because "they failed in the initial court case?"

W H A T?

First of all, take some accountability! Why would YOU continue on for 3 years if the company "failed the initial court case?" Seems to me like that would be a perfect time to part ways.

Secondly, your upset because after 3 years and apparently 1 court appearance a company YOU hired wants to be paid? Yeah, that sounds totally unreasonable to me.

All sarcasm aside, I know most of these complaints are fueled by people feeling desperate and frustrated. When social security denies a claim, it feels like all hope is lost. The truth of the matter is social security is not a means to an end and it certainly is not a fair, fast or just system.

When it does "pay off" it doesn't pay much. The best option, as always, is to work.


I believe that's why we need disability is cuz we can't work.duh that's why its called disability cuz not everyone's lucky enough to be able to work. Some people can't walk or talk and some people can't stand long or people like me can't be out long cuz they have bad seizures.

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Myler Disability - They refuse to email me

We just became aware of this obscure website and these review but want out clients to know that we are seriously committed to helping you win your case. If a client prefers communicating via email, of course we're happy to accommodate this request. Our goal is to help you win benefits and regular communication with you is essential in this process.
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I have told them four times already in no uncertain terms I will not communicate in any other way other than email (mainly due to the numerous complaints I have heard) and they refuse. I am firing them.

They say they have an urgent matter to discuss. If it is so urgent why can they not email me? I will not talk to them on the phone again. This place really leaves a lot to be desired.

I have spent a lot of time and they have not helped me fill out paperwork or contact SSA for me or anything.

They want me to do everything. So what should I need them for if they won't help???


I do not know who you are working with, but my case worker is excellent and e-mail is the only way we communicate. :cry :cry


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