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Myler Disability - Company Policy Review from Walnut Creek, California

We would encourage anyone reading this to recognize this review as a phony. At Myler Disability, we care a lot about our clients. We realize that none of them chose to become disabled. For whatever reason, they were dealt an unfair hand in life and because of their physical and/or mental disabilities, are unable to sustain a full time job. We've dedicated our careers to helping people like this obtain help through Social Security. It's often a thankless job, but one that we feel is of great importance. After all, helping those who are less fortunate is what life is really all about.
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

trust me I work at Myler disability law firm in Utah and it is the worst place for disability they will just push you along for a few years until they decide at the very end whether to drop you or not . being on that side of the fence and working there and seeing the company policies and how they are not really there for you. It makes me sick how the people working there make fun of the clients and their disabilities every chance they get expescially when getting off the phone it is a horrible place to work and I would never let them represent me for anything


Im trying to figure out how you work for myler when they are located in utah and your location is in califonia........


Wow.. this is a lie sounds like someone who can't get on disability that's mad. Childish



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Myler Disability did NOTHING

We were able to win this client's application early in the administrative process. Thanks to a narrative we were able to obtain from her doctor explaining the severity of her conditions and how they impacted her ability to work, Social Security agreed that this client was incapable of sustaining a full-time job. Benefits were then awarded. Compared to how long it takes most clients to get their claims processed, this client is very fortunate that things were approved and paid so quickly. During the short time her claim was pending before Social Security, we had regular contact with both the client and her daughter (who is the one who wrote this mean online review after demanding we give her the money we received for representing her mom). I'm unsure what the daughter's motivation is, but it appears that her mom's case is an example of a claim being quickly processed by Social Security. We're happy that we were able to help in this process and if this client has further questions about her claim, she can call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund

Myler Disability did nothing for us. I would constantly call my case manager to receive answers because I would go weeks without hearing from her.

I also had to take time out of my day at least three times over the course of my disability claim and wait on hold to speak to social security myself because Myler Disability failed to do so. Once I was approved for disability, they took their portion of the money and I NEVER heard from them again. I was so upset with the lack of communication and caring that I called to speak to a manager at Myler Disability. His name was Francis and he said he would look into my issue and get back to me.

Two weeks later and I still had no answer from Francis. I finally called Francis to see if he had any updates for me and he said he forgot to call me back and there was nothing he could do for me.

I would not recommend anyone to use Myler Disability because you will be doing all the work yourself. They are completely unreliable and I would not recommend Myler Disability at all.

Myler Disability - Review in Lawyers category from Loch Lomond, Virginia

Myler Disability helped my case and I would use them again if I had to.
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Myler Disability is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

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Loch Lomond, Virginia
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Myler Disability is a very good & caring company. No complaints so far! Don't be dismayed by those that speak poorly. Check for yourself!

Thank you for your kind words! As you pointed out, the only way Myler Disability is paid is if you win your case. Because of this pay structure, there is no motivation to do anything except to try finding a way to help you get approved for benefits. It's always such a breath of fresh air to have clients like you who are willing to participate in the preparation of their case. We again thank you for your words and wish you the best going forward!
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  • Empathy and detailed information
Reason of review
Good customer service

Thus far, I am very happy with Myler. It is a very difficult thing to try and get others to understand your health issues, especially when Mental illness is involved.

But when you couple that with Physical issues, it makes it that much harder. The SS office has denied me twice already, but Myler has not given up. They call often to check on my health status and if more ppwk is needed they send it to me, they answer all my questions to the best of their ability and I am now awaiting a trial. I am very nervous about this, but I know what my body & mind has gone through, and even though on the outside I may look great- they understand that Mental illness (Depression/Bi-polar/PTSD) in addition to Chronic Arthritis, Bulging and Pertruding/herniated discs, COPD- isn't something that is a blaring declaration of disability.

It is still very much something that has changed my life as I once knew it forever. I don't think they are in the business to rip people off. Until I see otherwise, I am very happy with the work they have done on my behalf. Some of you say that they have you do all the work- Well, You know your issues along with your history better than anyone else!

They cannot do that for you! Getting the ppwk filled out is part of life for anything you do, so...I am very appreciative of the work they have done, and am praying daily that I win my case. Its not for their lack of trying. At least that I can see.

I have heard someone say that they would charge if they didn't win their case, this is not true.

They do not charge you if you lose, that makes them work that much harder to win!

Jennifer Clark

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Myler Disability - Review in Lawyers category from Radford, Virginia

Thanks for letting us help you with your claim. We tirelessly try to help our clients win their disability claim. If you have severe impairments that are preventing you from working, and if you're seeing doctors, give us a call and we'll see what we can do to help you as well. Call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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So far so good hope its not a scam they are representing me please let this prove these complaints to be untrue seeing is believing God let this firm help me and not hender my case in any way so play pretty or it will get ugly

Review about Disability Claim from Woodstock, Georgia

This is not a complaint. I live here in florida and had hired on myler over a year ago to help with my disability claim. I chose them because my brother used them for his mental illness and had won his case. Here i sit with sle lupus, bipolar, antiphospholipid syndrome (blood clotting au5toimmune disease that im required to take blood thinners for the rest of my life) which by the way though im therapuetic i continue to have lacunar infarcts (type of mini stroke) also have bulging discs in my neck protruding into spinal canal that has been said can up my chances of full on strokes :/ anyways denied first and second time then waited a year to see alj. My attorney was polite and walked me through everything. Prepared me for the things ild be questioned on. Ive never had a problem with them not calling in fact they called me every few months to update my medical files. Only problem was all the medical release forms yhey kept sending me to sign and send back. Durring the alj hearing he represented me well and told me how long i can expect to wait on my decision and if im denied there are more steps he will get me through. Its been 2 1/2 months and still waiting on my decision. I called their office and left a message and they called me back the very next day to tell me that they where waiting on two medical update papers the judge allowed extra time for. Over all even if im denied i feel positive that myler has helped me in the bast way they can and i probably need to make sure what they request gets to them in time instead of waiting till the last minute
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If you live in fla why do this review state at the top of page ga?


Thats a true statement they are good and may god bless us all

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Myler Disability is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

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Woodstock, Georgia

Myles and I

I used Myler for my disability case and I won. I felt they kept in contact with me becausevthey call from all kinds of numbers but as someone mentioned your medical records have to prove your case. My experience was great! I didn't like the fact that my local office called me on my favorable decision before Myler. I thought I was going to lose my case because of the wait but low and behold I had a favorable decision. I appreciate Myler for their concern and help. I did refer other friends and family members but they haven't went to court yet.
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So how long did out take and what type of back pay you get


How long did it take for you case to win?

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Myler Disability is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

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Greenville, Mississippi
Reason of review
Good customer service
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Myler Disability - Review in Lawyers category from Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks for trusting us with your case. We're continuing to work with you on getting ready for a hearing with an administrative law judge and we'll let you know as soon as he/she calls and schedules a date. In the mean time, keep seeing your doctors and keep us updated on any changes to your medical information.
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They have been pretty good so far I'll comment until my situation is complete

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Myler Disability - Denied Claim Review from Brockton, Massachusetts

We're unsure if this is a review from an actual client. If it is, we'd encourage him/her to give us a call to discuss this matter in detail. We try very hard to make sure our clients are treated with the utmost respect and we care very much if a claim is denied. We only get paid if you're approved for benefits, so getting positive results for our clients is what keeps us in business. We've been doing this for many years and have successfully helped tens of thousands of our clients obtain their benefits. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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My claim was denied l called Myler they were so rude on the phone did not seam to care

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They are terrible, use less do not use Ronald P Drouillard

In every type of litigation, there is a winner and a loser. Here, unfortunately, the judge did not believe our client's assertions that he was unable to work. In review of his claim, it appears that every single medical source we were aware of had been submitted to the judge. Instead of finding in favor of this client, the judge denied the claim because he felt this client was still capable of doing some types of work. There is nothing shady with how we represent our clients and, even though clients like this will insist, we cannot allow any evidence to be withheld or hidden from the judge. After receiving the denial from the judge, we offered the client a couple options on how he could proceed, but he refused our help. Unfortunately, because of this, there's nothing further we can do for him at this time.
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Tryed to get S.S Disability, no help at all did not tell me what to do did not get back to me waited till last day to talk to the lawyer total scam DO NOT USE !!!! Told me all the wrong information to get, never told me what route to take, and changed case workers on me at least 10 or 12 times, then when we did go to court they had all the information wrong, nothing was right lawyer was a ***.

They never return phone calls, first clue should of been if you see there Ad on Tv do not use, these people are complete *** artists who can not be trusted !!!! I Urge you not to ever use them and tell your friends about there shady practices Ronald P Drouillard.


This place is a joke.

They are so rude.

And never return phone calls.

Got a denial letter and in it it stated they never got any of my paperwork from Myler disabilty.

They are scam artist and need to be shut down.


I agree Ronald Drouillard

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We did not withdraw from this claim right before the client's hearing. Rather, it was many months before a hearing was ever scheduled. We received updated medical records and reviewed her entire file. In light of the evidence, it did not appear that her allegations were matching what her doctors were saying. When this happens, we have to make the difficult choice on what to do with a claim. Here, because we didn't see how we would be able to win without medical records supporting her allegations, we decided it was best to withdraw our representation. As soon as we did, this client and her sister began calling us and leaving harassing messages. We're saddened that we can't help more with this case, but if the evidence isn't there, there's not much we can do. We sincerely wish her the best going forward.
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Reason of review
they dropped my case



yall is a word in my books


D you know there isn't any such word as "yall?"

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Please stay away!!!

It doesn't appear that this is a review from an actual client, but rather from a family member of someone we represented. Because we just became aware of this obscure website and this complaint, we have not been able to address this until now. We would encourage any of our clients who have concerns about their case to give us a call. We're happy to help calm your fears. Remember, we're here by your side during this difficult time. We have successfully represented tens of thousands of clients and nearly all of them have been very satisfied with our work. Significantly less than ½ of 1% of our clients ever write negative reviews about us. For those that do, we'd love the opportunity to address any concerns you have. Give us a chance and we're quite certain we'll be able to help you through your difficult time. We can be reached at 1-800-652-9626.
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WOW! Please stay away FROM MYLER DISABILITY, these reveiw are real and true.

U have to do you own paper work, they take 3 days to return calls, then they past you around to there assistant like a ball. Please stay away it's not worth the headache that these people put you thru. You don't really need a lawyer, SSA just need medical papers. If you need help just go to your local SSA office or a friend or family member, because these people are a JOKE.

I don't even no how they call there self Lawyers.

My mom had to wait 4years for a denial letter. !!!!!

Myler Disability's reply to:


While this client was unhappy with how her hearing went, there's little that our attorney could have done to stop the judge from conducting the hearing in the way he saw fit. The judge had a number of questions that he wanted answered and even though our client had a hard time responding to these questions, they needed to be answered. Fortunately, her case was approved. It's very likely that the difficulty she experienced helped show the judge that she was unable to sustain full time work. Here at Myler Disability, we try hard to prepare our clients for their disability hearing and we stand by their side throughout the entire process.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

I hired Myler in 2011 to try to help me get approved for disability due to mental health issues. After we finally get to court in 2014, the judge proceeded to yell at me through the entire session, treating me like a criminal and Myler's attorney did nothing to stop it.

I had to answer rapid fire questioning under so much duress I was literally sobbing in the court room and could not think clearly at all. The attorney sat by and allowed this to continue. Did I get a fair hearing? NO.

Myler's attorney did nothing but sit there. I would have had the SAME outcome WITHOUT Myler. I didn't get proper representation.

I didn't have someone to speak on my behalf, no advocate. I had a lump with a briefcase.





haha!! You are a fraud!

Grow a pair and quit trying to blame your problems on everyone else! So what that the judge yelled at you!!! Do you think the lawyer can actually stop that from happening? You're right in that you would have been yelled at with our without a lawyer there.

But how is that his/her fault?

I have heard about this company and was doing a little research about them. After reading some of these comments, I'm convinced that most of you are whiny people who probably aren't disabled. You are what is wrong with the system.

There are hundreds of thousands of people applying for benefits every year that probably aren't deserving of them. When they lose, they want to blame anyone but themselves.

I wasn't going to hire these guys, but maybe I will now. The bad complaints seem to be baseless and the positive reviews seem to be sincere.

I'm sure I'll have hiccups with them from time to time if this process takes as long as everyone says it does. But that's what happens when you work with someone weekly for 2 years.

Maybe I'll win my case, and maybe I won't. I have supportive doctors (I think) and if I have a representative that is experienced with doing this stuff, I think my chances are pretty good.


I hope you lose your case. there are some people out their that works all their lives.sometimes up to 3 jobs at a time .then all of a sudden bam.your file and bam.they turn you down. there is some of us out there that has earn this.but has to fight for it.then I hired these people.i have had to do all my paper work myself they have done very little to help me.


I now have hired Myler for my disability claim. Im not happy with some of the comments either about them I feel the same way you and some others feel, people lost their cases and now they want to blame someone else.

You suppose to do your own paperwork, you no more about your situation then Myler does. I'm go to stick with them for myself and see what happens.

I no it could be a long battle, I'll see it through to the end, and start over if I have to. Thanks for your post.


I am a 30 year old female. I have Refractory (drug resistant) Epilepsy and I require brain surgery and a service dog.

I am grossly disappointed with Myler Disability and I do not recommend the to represent you. They did not advocate on myself and seemingly know nothing about Disability. My case work was excellent at paper work, but my lawyer was a complete flop. My Social Security case was completely mishandled.

Not only by Myler but the entire system.

I had to get my Congressman involved because I found the actions of the ALJ to me questionable and unethical. My lawyer told me not to involve my Congressman when my first third hearing was cancelled.

Who is the mystical magical Brad Myler?

Has anybody ever spoken to him? If you are truly disabled you are just going to have to advocate for your self. Learn about the PASS program and tax deductions. It's a complicated system, but if you spend the time researching S.S and put Myler in their place you might get somewhere.

My second third hearing is in 2015.

I have a new Judge and a new Lawyer from Myler and I am prepared for any question about anything. I refuse to be a victim.

Only I can keep my head above water.

Wish me luck because only I can make my own path.

-- Sophie Lily Weinstein 201-563-****

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Myler Disability's reply to:

Myler Disability - Customer Treatment Review from Florida City, Florida

This review seems to be fake. If anyone has a concern with how you've been treated by our office, please let us know and we'll be happy to see what we can do to help you.
#543429 Review #543429 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Scam. They got my info and then we were disconnected. When I call back my number is blocked.

Myler Disability's reply to:

Myler Disability - Insurance Services Review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We suppose this review was written by an angry Social Security employee who is trying to discourage people from applying for benefits or from seeking help with their disability claim. While it's true that Social Security relies heavily on your medical records, we've found that quite often mistakes are made by the examiners at Social Security and important information is overlooked. It's nice to have an attorney on your side who knows how the process works and can fight for you when you need it most.
#540543 Review #540543 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Actually myler disability did nothing for you. It was your medical records that did it.

SS isn't an adversarial program. I don't care if you have an attorney or not, same results! You can do this on your own. First off, social security has medical listings they they go by.

Google social security disability listings and you will see for yourself. There are basically 12 body systems and each body system has a classification of conditions that they evaluate your records against. It you do the Internet search and read the listings for yourself, it practically tells you what the records must show in order to meet or equal a social security listing. Also, per the definition of social security disability your condition must be expected to last a minimum of 12 months or be expected to end in death.

So basically ss only cares about your condition within the past 12 months of applying. It you are trying to get disability for a condition from like 5 years ago AND you haven't even been seeing a doctor on the regular for that condition then there is no medical proof to even indicate that is a severe condition. Secondly if you don't meet or equal a listing SS then must review your objective records and determine (based on the diagnostic findings and documented physical exam) what you are currently capable of performing. SS doesn't care about a letter from your doctor saying "you can't work".

If it isn't supported by objective medical evidence that statement is good for nothing. Once they do the comparison they then will make a determination as to whether you can return to your past work or perform other work. If you can, you're denied!! Bottom lines!

There are no tricks of the trade or secrets. Myler or any attorney is doing nothing special to get disability awarded. It's all in the records. Also, the most important thing is this...

If you are under 55 and do not meet or equal a SS listing then the odds are already stacked against you to be awarded benefits anyway. Under 55 your condition basically has to be extremely poor: if you can still walk, stand or even walk for a little bit... Then don't expect to get awarded. Google this for yourself!

The rules get a little relaxed for those 55 and older, that's why most people who have been filing since say they were 45 say " I had to file like 2-5 times before I got awarded" . Actually what happened was they just got older and hit a different age category which made the rules different. It's no different than a child who received child's benefits and then once they turned 18 were denied because now they are being evaluated under the adult rules, which are markedly different. So in essence myler had nothing and did nothing to do with getting you benefits and as soon as people realize how the program works; they will realize that they are paying these advocates to do nothing for them.

They don't do anything to influence the outcome of the case. Read for yourself, come to understand the program, and stop running to give people like them you're money for nothing.

Half the time they file appeals already knowing the outcome will be the same. Just wasting everyone's time because the rules are what they are.

1 comment

What you say is not entirely correct. There are literally thousands of pages of regulations and you speak of only a small part.

The listings you speak of are only part of the picture. The cases that go to a hearing are not usually won a listing because if your case was that good to start with you likely would not get to a hearing, you would have won at the initial or reconsideration stages. A claimant can also win if they are under 50 and found to have limitations that prevent them from doing even sedentary work, or even mental limitations that prevent them from doing any work at all. A good lawyer will help you get ready for the case and go over weaknesses in the case before the hearing.

Going in front of a judge is all about telling the truth because they place a lot of weight on the claimants credibility. A good lawyer will find the inconsistencies in your medical file and bring it to your attention so you are not ambushed by the judge.

ALSO, think about this. The judge is a lawyer.

The judge has assistants that are lawyers.

Social Security hires hundreds of lawyers that review cases well before they go to a hearing. Wouldn't you like to have a lawyer who can speak to the judge in the same language?